How do you clean a green swimming pool effortlessly?

Wouldn’t you like to keep your pool the fifty shades of crystal blue? Well, look no further. Though a pool can be the most entertaining factor with regards to your house, it can also turn out to be the biggest flaw if not cleaned properly on a regular basis.

Some individuals fail to clean their pool because it’s either too much of a hassle and seems like a daunting task, they don’t have time for it or it’s too expensive. We as humans, fail to complete the tasks that we struggle with or are uninformed about.

Fear not. There is no need for further procrastinating as cleaning your pool is simpler than you think. You can either clean it yourself and have it done in as little as ten minutes a day or if the hourglass is really in your favor, contact Vacuum Mania.

Vacuum Mania A blog that offers lots of tips and tricks regarding the cleaning of your pool, but also recommends the best pool vacuum cleaners on their website.

Vacuum Mania understands the general homeowner’s needs and thrives off providing the best relevant products to tailor to your pool’s needs. Their information on different types of pool cleaners offers knowledge and insight regarding what type of pool cleaner you should invest in that are specially structured to clean your pool, to a pool cleaner that is both energy efficient and automatic for your convenience.

Interested in Vacuum Mania’s expertise? Look no further than their website for simple ways to effectively clean your pool or find the proper pool cleaner that can do it for you, without the hassle.

The 10-minutes a /day Cleaning Methods

  1. Consider your pool filter as the ultimate cleansing system

A pool filter is overall acquired to remove impurities from the water. It should be removed from the filter cap, be lifted out from the filter-basket in order to be cleaned. Cleaning involves removing all debris before putting it back in your pool. This cleaning method should commence once a week and should not be neglected for your pool to be kept in top condition.

  1. Clean out your pipes to avoid a green pool

By utilizing the filter system, it’s important to clean the pipes once a month using a method called backwash. It’s also important to remove the pools leaf basket and clean it. After doing that, turn on the pump and leave it to run till the waste pipe allows clear water to flow through. It is important not to repeat this process to often as it can cause your filters mechanics to break. Put a timer on your filter and allow it to run for about six hours per day.

  1. Scrub on the regular

If you have the time, get used to scrub the surface of your pool on a daily basis, as the debris and leave never stop coming. On some days it might even seem to you as if your pool attracts it.

Skimming and scrubbing all sides of the pool prevents further algae build-up, which luckily is a task that doesn’t have to be performed often. About once a week to every two weeks should be sufficient. If certain spots seem difficult to clean, add chlorine and try again.

  1. No chemicals, just baking soda?

Sounds odd, but there is no need to buy expensive pool chemicals anymore. Sodium bicarbonate controls alkalinity of the pool without reducing the necessary PH levels. Baking soda also does the job splendidly as sodium bicarbonate is one of the main ingredients listed in the baking soda.

  1. Watch your water level

By learning more about your pools status, you will find that the amount of water in your pool is as crucial as the PH balance. To keep it in a good condition, one needs to keep the water level halfway up its opening of the skimmer.

Whenever the water-level is too low, more should be added by using the garden hose. You can also rent a pump from the comfort of your home at a home-improvement store if excess draining is needed. When the required water level has been reached, you should re-check the pools chemical levels as the water fluctuation could potentially throw it off balance.

Keeping your pool crisp and crystal clear can be easier than you think by using the correct methods. Be sure to try these necessary steps and explore Vacuum Mania’s website even further to find even more tips or the appropriate pool cleaner to clean your pool without too much effort.

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