How Does SEO Marketing Work?

Ever wondered about Search Engine Optimization, what it is or why you might need it? Did you even know what SEO meant, or have you already dismissed it?

Here we look more closely at what SEO is, does, how it helps business and why you cannot afford to be without it. Concerned about getting left behind then read on to understand more…


Running a small business is tough enough. Many fail in year one, many more won’t see year five. But as times change, business needs to adapt too. Established firms are just as much at risk if they choice to ignore this. Your competitors will be looking to get one step ahead of you, and you should be doing the same.


SEO is a complex beast. Experienced providers of SEO services can help you (view more details here), but they of course cost money, which you may struggle to justify. But if you cut your marketing, you may as well close the doors for good.

Search engines answer questions. They act as a referrer. Your business needs as many of these referrals as possible which is why you need to focus on SEO. The better the SEO, the more referrals etc.

Attention spans today are notoriously short, so you must do everything to grab the attention immediately. The factors that will help are:

  • Website

A great functioning site that flows naturally and steers custom to the checkout. Slow or complicated sites are abandoned very quickly. There needs to be content that keeps attention, sparks related interests and engages.

  • Marketing

Have links on related blogs, be they yours or somebody else’s and cross refer to related businesses, just not your competitors. You might also consider using the SEO services of a third party, and whilst this increases costs, it does bring in expertise. Be certain to keep yourself updated and involved though as this is your business!

  • Credibility

Promises are cheap, genuine reviews from satisfied customers and high ratings create future business. We are more likely to engage where there is positivity. See reviews and content as a modern day window display, drawing people in…


Do You Need SEO Services

Having accepted that you need to address SEO, do you need SEO services? Think of these factors before deciding

  • Budget

A key factor

  • Timeframe

SEO is not instantaneous, the results will come though given time. Do you have that time?

  • Ads

A lot of website now carry ads as well as SEO

  • Competition
  • Big companies dominate SEO marketing and it may be hard to compete

Search visibility is certainly an important factor, but it is one of many. Pay per click advertising, where adverts lead clients to your site is quicker, but you’re paying for every lead, and every lead doesn’t mean a sale. Though SEO takes longer, it can be more cost effective.


SEO Services

Before choosing a provider, find out their plan, specialty, fee (of course), reporting criteria, previous clients and whether they conform to all codes (to ensure that some search engines don’t block you altogether). Also check out their review strategy, and the length of contract.


Self SEO

You can do SEO yourself, but it needs an investment of time, and that is often hard to find.

SEO is the referral of possible interest to your site. It is then for your site to grab and keep this attention until it is converted into custom. Whether you use SEO services or do it yourself, be sure to give it full, proper and ongoing attention, just like your business. It will need it!

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