DirectAdmin vs cPanel

When you have a website running online, you need to manage a lot of stuff, and managing only is not enough. The way of management must be efficient and productive to make the experience better for you. In this case, the control panel for web hosting packages brings a lot of functionality as they allow you to control things easily.

However, the web control panel that you choose can make or break your hosting and management experience. So, you must get the best option available for you. Many control panels provide their hosting services, and the two most popular options are DirectAdmin and cPanel.

If you are also looking to select one of them and the differences are making things complex for you, then here, you are at the right place. It will be a thorough comparison to know which of the hosting control panels is better for you.

What is DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin VPS Hosting Service control panel is one of the best choices for the control panels. It comes with a graphical web-based control panel focused on making your website administration work easier than ever. DirectAdmin VPS Hosting Service control panel does not require any high-spec hardware as it supports Linux, so it can easily run on almost every computer.

So, whether you have a heavily loaded system with dedicated servers, or you are running the low-end VPS units. DirectAdmin VPS Hosting Service control panel can be the right choice for all your needs as it requires very low system resources to work.

What is cPanel?

cPanel VPS Servers Control Panel is the control panel that a lot of hosting companies not only trust but also utilize for the best experience. cPanel VPS Servers Control Panel comes with official Linux support and makes the whole process very easy and efficient. It can easily deal with the management of the administrative functions at the end of every user.

Moreover, dealing with things here is easier than ever, meaning that anyone with any level of technical ability can use cPanel VPS Servers Control Panel for the best hosting management experience.

The significant differences between DirectAdmin and cPanel

While both of these control panels share the same upper-level goal and a lot of lower-level similarities. Some major differences make these fit and unfit for different types of users. So, here are some of the most significant differences between DirectAdmin and cPanel control panels.

1. User interface

UI matters the most for some users, and it comes amazingly with both of the control panels. DirectAdmin comes with a simpler user interface while finding what you need can be tricky when using it. On the other hand, cPanel comes with a very well-designed user interface with things sorted out in categories, making navigation and finding things very quick, simple, and easy.

The best part about the user interface of cPanel is that all of the categories are very intelligently made. They expand to a lot of further options that can be customized for a better website design. So, we can say that cPanel is a little overwhelming, but it meets the needs of every user, while DirectAdmin is a perfect choice but only for a small group of users in comparison.

2. Expandability

Here we are talking about the additional features that make good use of the additional plugins most of the time. In the case of DirectAdmin, there are some possibilities for expandability. However, users need to pay for those. On the other hand, cPanel users come across as very easy to add plugins. On top of everything, it is customizable here without any additional cost that makes it an amazing option.

3. Functionality

When it comes to the functionality of both of these control panels, there is a major need to work on things from the command line when you are using DirectAdmin. cPanel, on the other hand, provides most of the features on the graphical user interface, making things very easy for users of all levels.

On the other hand, these UI-based functionalities might be a little hard to get used to for the users who have a good grip on the command line for automated processing.

4. Documentation

Documentation plays a huge part when it comes to understanding the tools without most resources. In this case, cPanel comes with an amazingly better solution for its users. The documentation provided by cPanel is excellent and makes learning to use the control panel for users of all skill levels.

5. The active community of users

Whenever there is some tool involved in the process, there are some issues and bugs that are never easy to resolve, especially when dealing with them for the first time. However, the community and forums of active users can help a lot, as some other users might have encountered the same issue. cPanel is also better in this case as it has a good community of active users.

Comparison Table to know about:

DirectAdmin vs cPanel
User interfacecPanel is better for everyone
ExpandabilitycPanel is better for everyone
FunctionalityBoth are excellent
DocumentationcPanel is better
CommunitycPanel has a good active community

Final Remarks:

Out of all the features and selection aspects, one thing that needs a lot of your attention is your requirement. So, if you get the best control panel, there could be a case where that might not be the perfect choice for what you need. The best practice, in this case, is to know your requirements first. In this way, you will be narrowing down the options according to what you need, and it will be the best way to get the best control panel.

It will also be the only way by which you can have the best experience. Other than that, both of the options we were comparing here were amazing in every manner, and one is better than the other in one case while the other one beats the first. So, you can easily select the one which fits your requirements in the best manner.

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