Top 10 Free SEO Tools that can analyze your website.

The search for keywords or keywords, represents a fundamental part of any strategy of Inbound Marketing. Locating the keywords that represent an opportunity and their respective long queues offers us a game board in which to develop, later, our favorite tactics in the generation of content and also to know which keywords you should not use in your positioning.

Internet is full of these tools, there are all kinds of alternatives: online and desktop applications, paid and free.

To make this process as easy as possible, we have collected most effective free online tools to search for keywords. You probably find that there are some well-known ones like SEMrush or else.

Incorporating a SEO positioning strategy into your online marketing campaign will help us drive traffic to our website, achieve a better positioning, optimize the performance of our content marketing strategy and increase the impressions of our company or brand on the internet.

You need a very detailed planning of the SEO strategy to follow to get those who are looking for your brand, company, product or content to find it.


With these basic applications for SEO analysis you will be able lot of help to achieve your goals, whatever it is.


Google Trends

This is one best Google’s tool for viewing and analyzing web trends, including real-time and region-specific segments. Much more graphic, animated and interactive representation of the AdWords keyword tool. In detail, with rankings and extraordinary advances in the recognition of similar words, on more than one occasion & utility.



This is one of the most recommended tools, since just entering the domain of the web and it shows us an information about the list of keywords and keywords of the main competitors. We can take advantage of all these keywords to achieve better content and improve our SEO position accordingly.



Labpixels, really a free analytics tools you might get everything like Domain, Social signal, Hosting information & other useful stats. This newly developed service can shows you who recently check website & their IP. This help to find any website IP address without pinging by CMD in windows.



Very simple in its free version but with enough capacity to show a huge set of ideas duly presented according to another group of words entered. The table highlights results of global searches, the volume of queries according to its database and some metrics especially useful to analyze the competition. By the way, another free tool called SEO Book Keyword Tool uses you as a source.


SEO Browser

A somewhat advanced tool that helps us to better understand the components of our website that contributes to better understand the components of your web, since. It shows it exactly as it does the famous Google robots. It is free, but requires an advanced level of knowledge to take advantage of.


Image SEO Tool

Images are also a fundamental part of any blog or website and become an increasingly important element in web pages, online stores and blogs. Image SEO Tool, just by entering the image address, shows us its alt attribute, its title and its size.



Analyze, like WooRank, the most important SEO elements, both on-page and off-page. It also assigns an indicative SEO score. It does not give advice directly but it helps to detect where the errors are. Good complement to the use of WooRank to compare analysis and complement.


Long Tail Keyword-Tool

We see that the so-called “long tail keywords” or “long tail” words become increasingly important. This tool is dedicated precisely to that, to offer the “long tail keywords” given a certain keyword.


Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit

This is the Microsoft toolkit designed for optimization. Though many of has no idea on that. By This tool it is possible to identify the problems and know the solutions that allow to make your web page easier to find by the search engines.


It is not a visually attractive tool but that is the least if we consider what it can offer us. Xenu analyzes the web and offers a detailed report of all the links in it. Allows you to delete or fix broken links.



A useful tool that hardly requires a keyword, language, region and a search filter (the web in general, images, news, products, videos or recipes) to generate a list of ideas of words related to the Of the query. The magic is that it adds different letters and terms to the word entered to generate multiple queries and results that will be organized properly in the lower part in the form of a tree.

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