Why Should You Buy SIM-Free and Unlocked iPhone?

Every year, Apple always launches a new series of their popular product, the iPhone. So, it’s not wrong to get one, because the new one will always have a new feature and better performance. The best option is buying the SIM-Free iPhone. Of course, if you plan to do that, you need to know about the sim free iPhone prices in uk. But, before you do that, you must understand several important things about buying an iPhone.

Buy the SIM-Free and Unlocked One

The SIM-Free iPhone means that you don’t have to sign up for a contract when you buy the new iPhone. It means the iPhone doesn’t have the limit of the network provider you can use. You can choose any company that you are comfortable and familiar with. However, once you choose the network provider, usually, the iPhone will be locked on that network and you can’t change it to other network providers.

Therefore, buy the unlocked one. the SIM-free and unlocked iPhone means that you can change the service freely. You don’t have to stick to one provider. And, having the iPhone with this condition can give you so many advantages.

The Advantages of Using SIM-Free and Unlocked iPhone

The main benefit of SIM-Free and unlocked iPhone is you can save more money. Usually, if you only buy SIM-free iPhone and it is not unlocked, you will need to pay the monthly charge based on one specific network provider. However, if you buy the unlocked one, you will have more freedom to change the card and pay it according to the card that you are using.

The best example of how you can save more money is when you go for a vacation in another country. If you use the locked phone, you can’t change your SIM card. In the end, you need to pay the roaming fee when you use your phone in other countries. And, you must understand how expensive the roaming fee really is.

With the unlocked iPhone, you don’t need to worry about roaming fee. You just need to change the SIM card and use the local network provider and SIM card in the country that you are visiting. You can still use your iPhone to access the service, internet and using it for standard phone feature. But, you won’t pay more because of the roaming service. Then, once you return to your country, you can change it back to your previous SIM card and network provider.

The other way to save more money using the benefits of unlocked iPhone is you can choose the type of service you want to use. Mostly, we usually sign up for a network provider contract, when we buy an iPhone and choose the provider we want. And, we will stick to that agreement, which can cost you a lot, if the network provider increases their cost rate.

With SIM-free and unlocked iPhone, you can choose programs for saving more money. For example, there are Pay As You Go programs you can find today. Use it, and you don’t need to worry about being limited to one agreement with fixed cost rate.

The other benefits are you can use your iPhone for any network providers that you like. In the UK, mostly, the network providers use the same frequencies and standard system. Therefore, you’re SIM-free and unlocked iPhone can work with any providers that you like.

The other good thing about unlocked iPhone is the resale value. Compared to the contracted iPhone, the unlocked one has higher resale value. the reason is the new owner has the freedom to use the network provider that they like when they buy it. And, you also can easily resell it.

And, as we mentioned above, every year, Apple always launch a new iPhone with better performance and features. Therefore, if you buy the SIM-free and unlocked iPhone, you can always resale it and buy the new version without worrying about the contract.

The Price for SIM-Free and Unlocked iPhone

Now, after you know the greatness of SIM-Free and unlocked iPhone, the next thing you need to do is buying it. Many stores in the UK provide this product. Today, most of the SIM-Free iPhone is also unlocked. So, you don’t need to pay extra money to unlock it.

For the price, it depends on the type and the place. mostly, the sim free iPhone prices in uk are starting from £349.00 to £999.00. Find the place that has promo offers. You can even get a cheaper price than that if you are lucky.

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