Stone Industrial Type High Quality TFT LCD Display Module

Do you really think that you are technology friendly or aware of the new advancements in the market? If yes then you surely are ruling the world and if not yet then will rule one day on this planet earth. Advance technologies has taken the place of labor and made the task of man easier and individual are enjoying the thing that now they are able to do their tasks in time without engaging more labor and paying extra amount. One of those technologies include: the high quality LCD build with industrial grade TFT LCD panel, CORTEX M4 CPU, LCD driver, touch panel is resistive and 1 GB memory storage. Its reliability can be measured on the basis of high temperature, different working conditions and humidity. To order, there is one top brand to believe on: Stone. Stone is the worldwide supplier of TFT LCD which high in quality and is used for multiple purposes such as: its major use in medical and beauty equipment, energy and electric power equipment, civilian equipment, industrial equipment, in automation system and control systems. 

For 14 complete years, Stone is responsible for supplying smart TFT LCD screens to major parts of the world. It also provides technical support, customized product service and limitless warranty to its valued customers.

Key Features

The key features of Stone TFT LCD are:

  • Easy
  • Powerful
  • Free 


Model “Civil type (STVC), Industrial Type (STVI) and Advanced type (STVA)”
Size “3.5-10.1, 3.5-10.4, and 3.5-15.1”
Resolution “240P-600P, 240P-768P and 240P-768P ”
Color  16bit”
Pixel Spacing“0.1905mm x 0.0635 mm (HxV)” 
TFT Panel“A class industrial panel, A+ & A+”
Touch Screen“Civil level RTP/CTP/NTP, Industrial level RTP/CTP/NTP”

Moreover, it has following certificates: ISO 9001, ROHS, CE & FC certified.

Furthermore, the main objectives of Stone are: professional, reliable and successful in the market. It is professional as it cannot be replaced. Reliable because the product earns it trust itself and made the valued customers and provides the best service to customers. It’s successful as it wins the heart of customers after using the product as in the case of TFT LCD screen. You can have an idea by just looking at the specifications and features discussed above.


  • Semi-customized request available
  • High quality cost ratio
  • Available 24/7 for any query or solving problems 
  • Team is available to look for both software and hardware issues 
  • Three years warranty period
  • Tested 


  • Not cost-effective due to high quality design 

Therefore, this technology also has an ability to consume less energy which is a way convenient due to certain environmental factors. The images displayed on it are free from flicker and does not rely on electron beams with no or zero geometric distortion. The physical design of TFT is easily approachable means that you can put it anywhere in the office or the place you want to because it does not cover large space. Even in houses, it is built in such a way that you can easily put it wherever you want to. Why not just try this amazing screen with lots of benefits? 

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