Facebook Live Video Will Be Placed on Top of News Feed

Facebook Live Video Feed

Facebook might be a little behind when it comes to live streaming, but the new Facebook live video feature has just been developed for wider use. Earlier in March, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook live streaming video will be expanded for public use, not just for verified account owners or public figures. This announcement was continued with a plan to push live feed video right to the top of news feed.

Facebook Live Streaming Video as First Priority

One point of live streaming video is making people to see it in a real time, which is at the same time with the unfolding event. However, Facebook live video feature position was considered not ideal; the video was located on the news feed under barrage of other posts; if you open your Facebook page late, you will not notice the live streaming video immediately. The new position will enable you to quickly see the video and give you the freshest live update from the situation.

Facebook initiative to bring live feed video to the top is a great yet logical strategy. Even with the rise of other social media, Facebook is still one of the most popular social media to use, and people will want to see tweaks in its features. People spend more time watching the most current live streaming video instead of “live video” that has been past its actual date. By pushing the live feed video to the top, the engagement level from the uploaded video will increase significantly.

After being available for IOS users, the new Facebook live video format is finally available for Android users. Finally, you do not have to be a verified account owner or celebrity to have live streaming video status. Periscope might have been integrated with Twitter, but you do not have to integrate any app with Facebook’s new live feed feature for general users.

Facebook Live Video and Better Viewing Experience

Thanks to Facebook live video feature, you do not have to download other apps to watch live streaming event online, such as Periscope or Meerkat. The new feature is integrated within the social media, so you can save your device memory since there is no need for live streaming video apps. With the video being pushed to the top of news feed, you can immediately see a live streaming video without having to scroll down. This is a part of Facebook’s efforts to increase algorithm system and engagement level.

It is easy to upload live video to Facebook. If you use your mobile device to record videos and want to upload them quickly, simply tap “Status” button on top, and tap again on the button with video icon (bottom right). Afterward, you can just follow the regular instructions to upload video with title, description, and customized target audience. From there, you can also see comments and live viewer numbers, and share the video anywhere you want.

The best thing is: Facebook live video feed stays on your account forever unless you delete it, which is different from Periscope that only keeps its live streaming video for 24 hours.

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