Tips to Automatically Send the Blog’s Posting on Twitter

Do you often write some posts on your blog? However, there are some tips that you can do to make all your blog’s posts are sent automatically on your Twitter account. So you don’t need to open the twitter account, log in and then post the same thing just like what you post on the Blog. With these tips, you just need to write only on your Blog and the post will be sent automatically sent to your Twitter. It will be very useful to increase your traffic if you also had a lot of followers. The best thing is that the traffic is free.

For posting the articles that you made on the blog, you can use the feedburner media. Nowadays, Feedburner is owned by Google. So, it can be integrated or you can log in by using your Google email account. If you had not already had a Google email account, you can make it first at and directly make your email account. In this case, I had an opinion that you already had the google email account and a blog as well.

You can use any blog, even with the free blog like the WordPress,, and many more. If you already had the email account on Gooogle and a blog, here are the tutorials to send your Blog’s posting automatically on your Twitter.

1. Open the You can open that link first and log in with your user and password.

2. After you are already entered and get into the member area, you can enter your blog address in the available column and then click “Next”.

3. You can click and Press the “Next” option until you get the Navigation menu. If you already found the navigation menu, click Publicize and then click Socialize.

4. For the next step is by clicking the Add a Twitter Account. On this page you have to enter your username and also password. You may not be worried about it because Google will never know and save your username and password data.
a. On the Post Content Menu, you can decide by yourself about what will be appeared on Twitter. It can be only a title and a description or just a description. You can choose one.
b. On the Additional Text menu you can decide the words by your own make. It could be “Thank you” or anything that you want. This word is can be placed before or after the update. Iy you want it to be placed before the update, you can set it from At the to the beginning of the post option. If you wanted it to be placed after the update, you can choose the end of the post option. Remember to make the post that is less than 140 words because twitter has a rule that a post should not be more than 140 words.

5. After all the steps are done, choose and click “Activate”. Now you already finished all the settings to make your posting on the blog can be automatically sent into your twitter account.

Good luck anyway!

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