The 6 Most Common Types Of Car Injury

Whether you are on a vacation or either you are going to your office, car accidents can never be predicted, they are just like a sudden unexpected guest. Every day nearly 3,424 people die on the road, which equals to two deaths per minute. Besides these, there are tons of people who face severe or minor injuries after car accidents. Here are a few of them:

Scrapes & Cuts

These are the most common type of injuries one can face after an accident. Though there is a minor accident or a severe one, cuts and bruises are always the part of an accident. These types of injuries occur when there is an impact on you from your vehicle, such as glass, phones, pointed items, etc. though they are not very painful, but it always imposes threats against infections.

Broken Bones

Broken legs, hands, knees, elbows, and so on, are a major threat to one’s body. As car accidents are sudden, and it also exerts an unwanted amount of force over your body, this type of oppression can severely damage your bones. These type of injuries are very difficult to withstand, and it also causes very much pain. Broken bones are also known as fractures, which are usually hairline, stable, transverse, comminuted, etc.

Whiplash Injury

These are the most common type of injuries which attacks our muscle, ligaments, and tendons. Due to the sudden movement, which is quite not normal, this type of action can strain our muscles and damage our tissues too. Whiplash injuries only occur in a car accident, and it causes a significant amount of pain, and it also takes some time to heal completely.

Head Injuries

The most threatening and most complicated injuries also include head injuries. These types of injuries can affect our brains too. If not entertained quickly, minor head injuries can also lead to long-term problems, such as headaches, insomnia, tumor, and other types of serious and complicated diseases. Though you might not feel pain in the beginning, but once you start feeling the symptoms, then you must take an abrupt action.

When you can face such a traumatic accident, internal bleeding is very common in front of it. If internal bleeding is not treated immediately after the accident, then it can cause serious problems. Even a minor accident can cause internal bleeding, so if you face drowsiness or else, then you must consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Besides the physical injuries, you can also face some sort of mental injuries too. You might face post-traumatic stress disorder, which can affect your daily routine heavily. This can lead to stress, headaches, etc. You can recover from this type of state if you consult a psychologist or a doctor, it just takes a few days to recover, until your condition is better.

Though you can’t prevent an accident or change your fate, but you can drive safely. Be safe and live long!

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