How to Plan Transportation for Your Sports Team

Travelling is an important aspect for a sports team’s career. Travelling for a game is a crucial time for any team. Not only is it filled with anticipation and stress, it is also when a lot of last-minute game planning is done and major strategies are worked on. This makes it absolutely essential to ensure that the travel is as comfortable as possible. The team needs to feel safe and relaxed so that they are absolutely fresh, alert and not exhausted on their way. While checking out charter bus rental options

for booking a transport for a sports team, it is essential to keep a number of things in mind. A lot of them have been listed below so you have some idea about where to get started while planning such a trip with your sports team:

Adequate space must be ensured

Space is a major issue for a travelling sports team. To ensure a smooth journey it is essential to rent a charter bus which has more than adequate space to comfortably seat the team members along with all the additional management personnel as well as any helping hands who are to travel with the team. It is a good idea to opt for a bus with a decent legroom between seats to ensure that the team can spread their legs. The seats should be large and aisles spacious enough to accommodate people comfortably. Cramped seats are not only uncomfortable, they can also get the players tired, affecting their performance. It is best to have some extra space onboard to spread out comfortably. With a chartered bus, all of this should be taken care of easily. With deluxe facilities like reclining seats, air conditioners, and ample storage space, they can make sure everyone in the team is well rested and has enough space.

Look into ample storage space

A sports team on a game journey needs to carry a great deal of luggage such as, sports kit and replacements, practice gear, protective gear, extra change of clothes and shoes, formal wear etc. The total luggage is likely to come out to be quite heavy and even bulky. Therefore, it essential that the chartered bus has a lot of storage space. Sports gear is extremely expensive and, thus, it is highly inadvisable to cram them into a small space as it does a lot of damage to the form and integrity and can end up affecting the performance of the team. It is a good idea to inform the rental company beforehand about the needs of storage space to help pick the right bus. The bigger coach buses come with ample space for storage of luggage and might be the best choice for you when you plan a trip like this.

The condition of the transport should be good

Check out the condition of the bus before renting it. A well-maintained vehicle would be more comfortable to travel in. The seats should be soft, adjustable and should provide adequate support to the back. The players cannot arrive with muscle cramps and backache. Moreover, the engine and the spring should be well oiled and maintained to reduce jerking during the journey so no one gets injured accidentally. Check that the AC, doors, windows and other facilities are properly functioning so that you get your money’s worth and the team has a smooth ride. The exterior of the bus should also be clean and attractive as it creates the first impression of the team.

Read the terms and conditions

Last but not the least, read the terms and conditions of the rental service before going forward and making any bookings. Check for any additional expenses and ask the company explicitly about every detail. Confirm whether you are to pay for gas and if there is any other tax or tip that need to be paid during the journey. It is also important to know about insurance and accidental damages etc in case something goes wrong during the trip.

Picking the right rental bus helps you ensure a safe and comfortable journey for the team. When on the road, make sure that the team gets the time to stretch, go to the bathroom and is well fed and hydrated through the journey. Everyone should also get enough rest and breathing space during the journey. The heavy stress of a game requires a little extra care and attention to little details which makes all the difference.

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