Dry Cleaning V/S Laundry Wash

If you are living in Singapore, you can read how much does laundry and dry cleaning cost. Modern lifestyle has modern requirements. From managing time with the ticking of the alarm clock to have a healthy dinner for a fitter tomorrow- everything changes according to the lifestyle we choose to lead.

Being clean and fit is always desirable as the first impression does matter. It is required to important to maintain hygiene and cleanliness of our home and environment as much it is important to take care of ourselves.

Dry cleaning or laundry wash is an indispensable part of this lifestyle. In day to day life, we not only require to maintain our clothes and personal hygiene but household goods and fabrics must be equally taken care of.

Everyone likes to be presentable or in the company of people whose presentation of him/herself is poised and neat. It speaks a lot about the person.

Singapore, one of the most populated cities of the world, with one of the busiest workforce, has accepted this reality. The city itself is rated as one of the cleanliest cities in the world. People staying here have adapted to this habit effortlessly.

Singapore provides its people with various DRY CLEANING and LAUNDRY WASH facilities. Though both may seem to be the same, there are differences in techniques. Both techniques have their pros and cons.

DRY CLEANING does not require water. Cleaners use a chemical solvent like PERC and other chemicals. Often these chemicals may prove to be harmful and hazardous for the environment.


More effective at removing stains from pens and inks and other stubborn marks. Water consumption is greatly reduced. It gives a pristine look to the clothes, as if new. It helps in increasing the longevity of the clothes.


Chemicals used in the process can be very toxic and harmful. These chemicals are often not treated well by the companies which in turn causes pollution. Chemicals used in the process may cause skin irritation in the long run. It requires more energy as it needs the support of machines. It may be very expensive depending on the product and technique used.



It is eco-friendly as it uses water and no such harmful chemical in the process. It is less expensive than dry cleaning. It requires less energy than dry cleaning.


It may or may not remove stubborn stains. It requires a lot of water. This water, if not treated well by the companies, will cause water pollution and can also contaminate groundwater.

In Singapore, various options are available to choose from.

Nowadays, service providers have developed their applications to make communication more effective and user-friendly. Cleaners provide options for free delivery and pick up from home services. Professional dry-cleaning and laundry options are better than personal care of clothes in various aspects. It helps to take advance care of clothes. Professionals are well equipped to address the different requirements of your clothes differently. Some dry cleaners examine the condition of clothes, stitches, and joints and also provide an overview of the result. One may opt for it if only he/she is pleased.

Sometimes laundry and dry cleaning services can be a little expensive from time to time. There are many related hacks to cut down this long bill.

It is always advised to opt for local cleaners. This cuts down transportation charges. It will also help you to get hold of your required clothes faster in case of an emergency. Always opt for services when you have a pile of clothes as a large number of clothes may often lead to discounted prices. Dry cleaners often deliver clothes with hangers which can be used at home. Keep a check on offers and discounts provided by the company which may often cut a large amount from your laundry bill.

Besides clothed, carpets, curtains, bed covers, etc can also be dry washed of laundry washed. The service providers often address the problems and suggest the requirements accordingly. Though many may prefer to take care of their clothes personally, professionals are indispensable when it comes to cleaning of household bulk items and stubborn marks on clothes. It also saves the time of individuals while the professionals take care of their clothes and household items.

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