Qualities of the Best Company for End of Tenancy Cleaning

Is your office lease contract about to end? If so, it’s time to consider end of tenancy cleaning. You can’t leave the space without making it look new again. You owe it to the landlord to return the place in good condition. Of course, it won’t be the same as before, due to normal wear and tear, but you want the area to look presentable.

Besides, you left a deposit with the landlord. There will be an inspection of the place before you can get the entire deposit back. If the place looks messy, the landlord has the right to deduct the cost of cleaning from your deposit. 

In searching for a cleaning company, these are the qualities you need to consider.


End of tenancy cleaning isn’t the same as regular cleaning. You need someone who knows how to clean a space when the tenant is leaving for good. It involves deep cleaning and even repair of furniture or equipment. You shouldn’t partner with a company that won’t send you specialists in end of tenancy cleaning. 

Not time-based

It also helps if you partner with a company that offers its services not based on time. It means that the staff won’t delay the process so that they will only cover whatever they get paid for. It’s better if you look for a company that offers services based on a checklist. Until the cleaning staff covers the tasks on the list, they won’t stop working.

Quality cleaning materials 

When you have experts to help you, there’s also a guarantee that they will use quality cleaning materials. It means that the staff will be cautious in dealing with the different items inside the office. For instance, the furniture might require different cleaning agents depending on the materials used. If you break or damage the items in the office that don’t belong to you, it’s possible you will need to pay for them.

Cleaning guarantee

It’s also a good thing if you receive a cleaning guarantee. Usually, it’s around three days from the day of the service. Within the said period, you can complain if there are areas that didn’t receive proper cleaning. The company will send back their staff, and you won’t need to pay extra.


It’s possible that you can’t stay in the office during the cleaning period. It could also be during the weekends when you’re not at work. As such, it helps if you partner with a reliable cleaning company. You’re going to leave the office to strangers, and there are lots of valuables there. Make sure that you stick with reliable partners only.

Once you have found the best end of tenancy cleaning London offers, you can set an appointment and wait for the staff to come and provide the required services. You need to keep the receipt so that you can inform your landlord that you have hired a cleaning service. You can get your full deposit and move to your new office.

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