3 Amazing Spots to Visit in Kuwait

Kuwait radiates the charm of Arabian adventure, and hence, the travellers experience plenty of things to do in Kuwait. Apart from relishing magnificent accommodation and spectacular dining, there are myriad of things for visitors to do in Kuwait.

If you live in Chennai, then you have already tasted the spark of beaches, cultural buildings, and spiritual spots, right?  If you are planning to go out of the country to experience something different, then you can pick Kuwait. You can get Chennai to Kuwait flight that too within your budget.  It would take just five hours to reach this place.  Once you stroll in the realms of Kuwait, you would be charmed by its spots and overall aura.  To double your enthusiasm for this trip, have a look at three places that you must go to in Kuwait.

Failaka Island

You might have been to many islands in your life, but you would not get anything like this.  It is a beautiful island that has only soldiers as its permanent residents. Actually this spot was once left devastated by the Gulf War. However, the visitors and tourists get to witness the ruins from settlements of the Bronze Age Dilmuns and Hellenistic Greeks, who left behind myriad of treasures from which their past might be reconstructed. 

The Greeks have lived on this beautiful island for two centuries from fourth century BC. Failaka, is also the home of Kuwaiti’s chief archaeological site and is worth visiting. Moreover you know a temple is believed to be the centrepiece of this island. Thisisland is nearly twelve kilometres in length, six kilometres in width and is absolutely flat.

Kuwait National Museum

The Museum, located in near proximity to the National Assembly, is made up of four buildings and a planetarium. Though, burntand stripped by the Iraqi invaders, it encompasses the Al Sabah collection of Islamic art. It is the most comprehensive collections in the world. The other construction displays pearl-diving relics, archaeological material from Failaka Islands, ethnographic artefacts,and so on.  Themuseum also consistsof the Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah (DAI), a huge collection of Islamic art, reaching from early Islam to the eighteenth century. A variety of creative and scholarly activities revolve around this prestigious collection. A reference library having different types of publications of Hadeeth ad-Dar maintains a close association with the DAI, to give visitors a better knowledge of the artefacts.

The Seif Palace

It is famous among the locals and overseas visitors as the house of the royal family. Nevertheless, it might be surprised to find out that the palace does not get extensivelyused by the Monarch and the government. While it is the fact that this palace is chosen to the Emir dynasty, the family personally picked to stay in Bayan Palace, which is called the official house of the Emir.  This is also the spot where the monarch would entertain his bigwigs. Therefore, the Seif palace just serves as the court if there are special celebrations, or in case the Bayan Palace is not obtainable. However, thousands of travellers visit this place to see and admire its fine and refined architecture.

So, look for chennai to Kuwait flight ticket price and make the plan accordingly. These were only a few of the places, and once you are there, you can explore much more.

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