The Benefits Offered by Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace in Melbourne offers many benefits, including getting you through the city’s chilly winters and being affordable to run. Natural gas heaters can be installed in residential or commercial buildings for extra comfort and aesthetic appeal. There are also varying designs of LPG gas heaters to suit homes of different styles and eras. If you’re considering getting a conventional wood fire installed, you might want to think about what that will entail; the set-up of the fire, the constant need for wood, and then the clean-up after every use of the fireplace. It’s actually a lot of hassle! In comparison, a gas fireplace in Melbourne offers all the creature comforts of a wood fire, without the time-consuming set-up and clean-up. Here are some other benefits offered by natural gas heaters.

They’re Energy Efficient

A natural gas fireplace in Melbourne is “clean burning”. This means thata higher air quality is maintained, as burning gasdoesn’t produce soot, smoke and other debris particles. Some people also consider natural gas heaters to be a more sustainable heating option when compared to a wood fireplace. While natural gas heaters still require a chimney for the release of carbon monoxide, less heat escapes up the chimney than in the case of wood fireplaces, which can suck a massive 10% of heat up the chimney. In comparison, LPG gas heaters are a much more efficient use of energy and will nicely heat up your room without the constant need for more wood and the messy aftereffects of a wood fire.  

They Look Good

Manufacturers of natural gas heaters now accommodate all kinds of styles to match décors in a range of different houses and offices. The logs in the fireplaces of natural gas heaters are made of ceramic and are carefully created to look real. The embers around the logs tend to glow just as they would in a real wood fireplace. Some models of LPG gas heaters also include a back-light function so you can enjoy the aesthetics of the fireplace even when your gas fireplace in Melbourne isn’t lit. Gas heaters offer the perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing design and convenience. There’s no annoying sooty mess to clean up after every use of the fireplace, and the flame can be turned on and off with the flick of a switch. It couldn’t be easier!Natural gas heaters always look very classy, and just watching their flames can make you instantly feel warmer.

Installation is Simple

Most homes can accommodate a gas fireplace in Melbourne and stay nice and cosy in winter. Installation is simple, as a gas insert can replace a conventional wood burning fireplace in only a matter of days. If there’s an existing chimney, then you can make use of that structure, or new venting can be added to channel burn-off to outside your home. Non-combustible wall board will be used to surround your new gas fireplace in Melbourne to finish off the job.

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