Best Tech Items That Make a Big Hit in CES 2016 – Part II

CES 2016 - LG Signature

As discussed in the previous post, CES 2016 in Las Vegas is weird with the coming of future-generation cars, self-adjusting accessories, and cool items, even though they may take few years to make their way to the market. After discussing the coolest cars that make a big hit in Las Vegas this year, this is the time for discussing other interesting tech products, which may come into your house in the coming months, after the international consumer electronics show, which is being held in Las Vegas.

Smart TVs still enjoy their moments in the modern house. It is not surprising that some main players, such as LG and Samsung, will take their chances to display their coolest items in CES 2016.

Most Anticipated TVs in CES 2016: LG’s OLED TV

LG has announced its upcoming OLED TV models along with Super UHD LCD TV units, which had been introduced previously. All of the OLED TV models will come with improvements in terms of designs and quality, and as well as next-generation WebOS Smart TV platform from LG. The OLED TVs will come in various models, including flat TVs, curved TV, UHD/4K resolution as well as HDR playback.

However, the most interesting part is an ultra-premium Signature series, which will come with a unique design concept – “picture on glass.” Improvement in the picture qualities come from two aspects – namely, new color phosphors as increase in the brightness by around 20%. Interestingly, this brightness improvement does not increase energy consumption. Here are some other cool things you will see:

Interesting Features of LG’s OLED TV

  • HRD Format; All of the OLED TV models will come with Dolby Vision HDR format. This will make Dolby Vision playback possible.
  • WebOS 3.0; LG will also equip its new OLED TVs with WebOS 3.0, which comes with 6 improvements. First of all, it allows you to set “sleep” and “wake it up” modes by simply shaking the remote control. Secondly, it comes with a cool menu option – My Content, which provides you with easier access to your favorite multimedia contents. Thirdly, a Search button heps you in searching the required contents using the remote control. Fourthly, Channel Plus feature enables you to mix IPTC and broadcast in a single menu. Fifthly, Zoom feature allows to magnify the selected picture, and finally, you will also enjoy advanced control options and connectivity, thanks to LG Connect app.
  • Specific models – this particularly refers to LG G6 “Signature” series, which will come in various versions – namely 65 inches and 77 inches. They will look incredible, right? Other interesting series are those with “6” ending, namely B6, C6, and E6. They will come with very slim glass design and stunning soundbar audio system.

Actually, LG is not the only TV producer, which introduces its coolest items at CES 2016. Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic TVs are also reported to come with HDR technology. Besides these popular brands, other players also take their part. Go ahead to other reviews on the best tech products of CES 2016 in the next posts as they wil probably provide you with enjoyable multimedia experience.

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