Bsdisplays: What Different Types of Feather Flags Available?

Are you going to advertise your new product? Want to do marketing by using the feather flags? Want to grab the attention of your viewers? Then why not to use the multiple types of feather banners that must be eye catchy and help you to seek the attention of your viewers.  You can order a single type of the feather flag or multiple styles depending on your need. The suppliers like Bsdisplays know the customer need. You can consult the agency to get the outdoor feather flags that will be fascinating for the targeted audience. Some of the types of advertising flags that you can use are

Single Sided

The type of flag in which only one side is printed while the other one is blank. Mainly such types are used to hand on the walls or the places where there is a single view is required. It is less expensive to others as only one side needs to be printed. These are plastic or nylon type material. Some feather flags single sided are printed in a see-through material that means the print is somewhat visible on the back side also.

Double Sided

The most common type of feather flag that is printed on both sides. Mainly the banners displayed on the poles or displayed in the malls. Some double-sided banner is printed in the same design while others come with two different engines thus making it more persuading for the viewers.

Indoor flags

These are the banners that are used in the meeting halls, conferences, expos and such events where there is a need to guide the people about the vent. Sometimes these are displayed to fulfill the directional needs and to guide the people about the way to the conference room or the vent place. Most companies also use these indoor flags to give awareness or message related to the campaign. Mostly these are not hanged rather displayed on the stands. Two types of stands are used to display these feather flags. These are square stand or the cross-base stand.

Outdoor flags

These are the flags also displayed on the stands. Mainly to make the outdoor event colorful these are displayed outside the hall or the event venue. These are flexible, durable weather resistant advertisement sources. Mainly displayed on the tough stands that can bear the heavy wind or pressure. The base is usually fixed with nut bolts or have the water bag that makes it compact and resistant against the pressure. In this way, these flags remain in position for a long time even for years.

Flag type based on template size

There are four templates we usually see in these feather flags. The average sizes are

Small: 24.25″x79.5″

Medium: 25.5″x105.5″

Large: 29.5″x139.5″

Extra-large: 27″x191″

If you are planning to launch a new product or want to organize an event then these feather flags are the best mode to seek the attention of the targeted viewers and you will definitely achieve your goals.

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