3 Reasons Why I Hired A Professional Residential Window Cleaning Service

Window Cleaning Service

Well, okay, FOUR reasons why I hired a professional window cleaning service for my Fenton home. The first HONEST reason I hired the job out is that I am tired. The last 4 months of the year for my family are gone, go, go, rest, go, go, go, rinse and repeat.

I’m like anyone, I don’t like dirty windows, but I don’t like cleaning them even more. Be honest with yourself, do you like to clean your windows? As I was taking down the Christmas decorations and lighting, I realized just how grimy and nasty the windows around my home were! When the heck did that happen.

I do, however, like to look out my windows and enjoy the different views they each offer me, and to be, well, nosy. I like to see what my neighbors are up to as well. Right now, though, when I look through them, I am not getting the clear picture I love and deserve. That is frustrating, and then when I went outside and started getting the outdoor Christmas lights down, (and we’ll discuss those outdoor lights in another blog), I realized how aged and ugly those dirty windows were making my house look from the outside!

While I can clean the windows on the inside, that exterior is going to take climbing a ladder, and I am not the most balanced, coordinated, graceful person. It was then I decided to hire a window cleaning professional in Fenton to get my home’s windows clean inside and out! I know, you’re are probably thinking, “Didn’t you just spend a lot of money on the holidays? What, with foods and gifts and maybe travel expenses?” Yes, I did, although I have to say, I was well-behaved in that category this year! Therefore, because I was so well-behaved, and again, I am tired, I decided I deserved this treat.

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So, now, I want you to think about it for yourself before you grab your bucket, cleaner, ladder, rags, and squeegee. Aren’t you tired? Going home to clean your windows is the last thing you’re thinking about, right? Even the most humbug anti-Christmas person must be exhausted too! The whole declining the party invitations, dodging those Secret Santa gift exchanges, and that bell-ringing-Santa-costume-asking-for-donations at every store and restaurant.

Okay, maybe you aren’t convinced yet that hiring a residential window cleaning service is a good idea.

My number one reason “I’m tired” just isn’t enough for you to spend the money and hire out a job that “you can do just as good yourself” isn’t reason enough. Think about these three reasons:


Okay, maybe you don’t think you’re tired, but once you start climbing that ladder while toting a bucket, cleaner, rags, and squeegee, your body may tell you differently. Even if you aren’t that tired, you’re still taking a risk of personal injury, and breaking a window.

  •  For one, to clean your windows, they are higher than you think and that creates that risk of falling while you’re up on that ladder or standing on a stool while cleaning the inside. A professional residential window cleaning service team will be experienced in climbing and balancing the tall heights and are equipped with safety gear too.
  • Some of your windows may have a tough spot to clean that you put a little elbow muscle into, that “stop everything” sound of glass cracking and crumbling happens. Again, a professional window cleaning service in Fenton will have the experience and the equipment to get those tough spots off without breaking anything. However, if they do, they will be insured and responsible for replacing that window out of their budget, not yours
  • Then there are the chemicals and cleaning products. The everyday cleaning solutions you have on hand or access to can be dangerous when it touches your skin or you inhale the fumes. A professional service that will clean your windows is knowledgeable about handing the cleaning solutions and will have protective gear.

Longer Life

Cleaning your windows on a regular basis will extend their life. Since you probably don’t have the time (or the desire) to clean your windows yourself, hiring a professional residential window cleaning service is worth the expense when you compare it to replacing your windows. Cleaning them removes the corrosive elements of dirt, dust, and grime that is eating away and etching at the glass right now as you read this blog.

Window Longer Life

Time Saver

You’re busy with everyday life, right? When you look at the week ahead with your schedule, do you see a time slot where you have 4 or 5 hours to spare, in the daylight, to clean your windows? If you’re like me, probably not, and you know that if you do think you have that time slot, it’s because you’re forgetting something.

In Closing

There are several window cleaning services in Fenton, don’t take the first one out of the yellow pages or off your Google search though. Get quotes, ask for license, insurance, and referrals. Shop around and realize that you won’t necessarily get the best residential window cleaning results from the most expensive, but you also shouldn’t cut corners and take the cheapest one.

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