Top Reasons to Select the DM10 Thermal Detector

DM10 Thermal Detector

The thermal detector is a kind of detector which absorbs the incident infrared radiation energy and causes the temperature to rise. Based on this, the temperature rise is transformed into electric quantity by various physical effects. It has been widely used in the industrial field to monitor and detect the operation of some machines.

Established in 1984, DALI is one of the largest-scale and most influential comprehensive manufacturers of uncooled Focal Plane Detector, Thermal Imaging Cameras, and Thermal Imaging Surveillance System, with complete R&D and sales ability. Going through a period of investigation and progressing, recently it has launched a new product series called DM10, an IR thermal imager for state monitoring and hot spot detection.

DM10 series IR thermal imager is a network infrared thermal imager which integrates infrared and visible light. It has dual-band image enhancement technology and has the characteristics of small size and high-cost performance. Both 160*120 and 120*120 pixels are optional.

This thermal detector is an ideal IR thermal imager for continuous state monitoring and hot spot detection of distribution cabinets, processing and manufacturing industries, data centers, transportation and public transportation, power plants, and storage facilities.

Main Features:

1. Dual-band Image Fusion Enhancement Technology:

The combination of 160 *120/100 *100 pixels infrared module and 4 million high definition visible light module, coupled with dual-band image fusion technology, can accurately locate the heating location and make the fault invisible.

2. Rich Interfaces/Easy to Use:

1) With the ethernet interface, it can support standard TCP/IP, ONVIF, and other protocols. The IE browser access, multiple devices access infrared intelligent monitoring system can be supported at the same time.

2) It has an analog video output interface.

3) It is equipped with extensible Micro SD card storage to support local video recording and storage.

3. Rapid Detection of Abnormalities and Sound Alarm:

DM 10 has a temperature measurement range from – 20 to150, and the accuracy of temperature measurement is within the scope of (+2 C) or (+2%) readings. The temperature measurement and correction could be achieved automatically. With two measuring modes, for the six movable points-mode, DM 10 thermal detector has six movable areas to detect the maximum temperature, minimum temperature, average temperature. And once some abnormalities occur, the temperature alarm begins to ring. The three movable points-mode is the same, with three mobile regions to detect and set out the warning.

4.60 Degree Extra Wide Field of View Angle/Wide Observation Range:

DM10 has two field-of-view angles of 60 *45, 37 *37, which can be selected according to different scenes. The thermal camera has a minimum focal length of 0.2m, and the focus mode is fixed for the focal length.

5. Simple Installation/On-demand:

Standard M3 threaded outlet can be installed by a bracket or magnetic suction, which is fast and easy to install.


DM10 series thermal detector is accessible to DALI IR Tech Watch Infrared Intelligent Monitoring System:

1. It has a function to open a single window with nine screens display, supporting multi-window switching, realizing multi-device temperature monitoring in the same network.

2. It owns an automatic temperature warning function.

3. The automated task patrol mode could acquire the temperature data at a set time, etc. 4. It can automatically form the curve to show a temperature changing trend of general equipment.

5. DM10 provides continuous temperature monitoring and alarm for the uninterrupted state monitoring of essential electromechanical equipment:

It can detect temperature-related problems in electrical and mechanical equipment at an early stage. It is an ideal infrared thermal imager for continuous state monitoring and hot spot detection of distribution cabinets, processing and manufacturing industries, data centers, transportation and public transportation, power plants, and storage facilities.

Having known so many functions and features of DM 10 thermal detector, now you can feel free to explore the operation of this advanced IR thermal imagining yourself, see if it could help in your industrial monitoring system.

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