White Hat SEO Techniques That You Should Use for SEO

As opposed to spamdexing techniques to manipulate your search engine ranking, white hat techniques will get you a top rank legitimately. White hat techniques envelop all the SEO techniques that are genuine and are focused on giving the audience or users value.

By sticking to the terms and policies put in place, serpbook.com will be displaying long-term and great results unlike when you choose the crooked ways. The following are some of the white hat techniques that best enterprise SEO agencies employ to avoid violation of search engine rules.

  1. Internal Linking

Internal linking entails connecting pages within your website. Use of keywords is the best way to go about it. With internal linking, you will end up with backlinks to your other site pages. Internal linking enhances the architecture of your website, creating an exemplary user experience for your visitors.

Internal links will play a significant role in your site ranking. Also, it is worth noting that you should emphasize on building internal links for pages that you want your site to be ranked for.

  1. Image optimization

Getting creative with visual content can get you the traffic that you want. If you have taken keen into rest on your search engine window, you will notice that there is a tab for images. Images are also used in searching.

Optimize your images so that you do not interfere with the performance of your site. You can do it by compressing your images so that they do not affect your page loading speed. Also, another smart way to go about it is by including keywords while naming your images to make your message clear and direct. Making your images useful will make Google favor your site during ranking.

  1. Website speed

You need to improve your page loading speed if you are to get good ranking. Most users will prefer a page that does not take more than 3 seconds to load. If it takes longer, they will leave your site. It leads to an increase of bounce rate, which affects your page ranking.

To optimize the speed of your website, what you are required to do is to compress your images so that they load faster, distributing the images by not accumulating them on one page and upgrading your hosting.

  1. Page descriptions and titles

You cannot afford to ignore page titles and descriptions. They give the first impression for your site, and it needs to be great. When the Google bot is scanning your website, it is the first thing that it will come across. It is for this reason that you should include keywords in your Meta description.

You should also make them as compelling as possible. Featuring call-to-action in your descriptions will help you grab the attention of your audience. Most importantly, your description should be able to give a brief illustration of your content. Typos and errors should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Google’s Search Console

Last but not least, Google’s Search Console is a tool that you should probably not miss! It will help you optimize the visibility of your website. How does it work? The tool allows you to check for any errors that may be in a sitemap and give you feedback after your site has been crawled. It will also give you an insight into your internal and external links, more so links that generate crawl errors.

You know of what importance keywords are to your site. There is no better way of understanding your keyword usage and their effect on your site than having Google’s Search Console. The tool will also let you of any malware and hacker attack, and in this way, you will be able to take any necessary action required to protect your website.

If you relentlessly use the five white cap techniques, you will find that your site ranks better on the search engine without you having to go backdoor about it. You do not have to implement them all at once: step by step action will still benefit your site. Remember also to monitor your progress as you continue applying the techniques; you could spot some areas you may need to improve on in the process.

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