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Twitter is one of the most popular social media in the world. It makes the social platform potential as the media for selling something online. However, selling something through social media is not a simple thing as we thought. There are some strategies to have in order to invite many people seeing the products or services provided and then get interested to purchase. Marketing on Twitter is actually quite easy as long as you know what to do and manage the strategies. When you understanding the marketing strategy, you just need a little time to spend on the online marketing on the social media; only about 30 to 60 minutes every day.

The key point is just being productive during the marketing time on Twitter. Some tips below will show you about how to be productive.

Don’t Need to Tweet Something Thoughtful

Every Tweet of you will only stay on other users’ minds and in the timeline in about 10 seconds. No matter what the tweet is and how much it is interesting. Other will forget about it in five minutes later. Marketing on Twitter shouldn’t be profound. You can use some abbreviations but use the proper word spellings and grammar.

Besides, the tweets shouldn’t always get 50% rate. You should be patient by using Twitter as your marketing media. You may need weeks or even months of time before it could increase sales and be the viable strategy in marketing. The users should be sure first before they trust to purchase from you.

Don’t Read Every Tweet

A success online marketing on Twitter must have thousands of followers. It is impossible to retweet every follower or even just to read their tweets. Not all followers are real and their tweets are worth to read.

There are some solutions to know them;

• Only follow the real people. Hundreds or even thousands of spammers and affiliate marketers may follow you, never response such accounts. Only follow the worth people such as people in the same city with you, in the industry, and also the customers. Keep the people with worthwhile tweets as your followers.
• Keep the searched keywords. It will be helpful instead of scanning every tweet. Just keep the keywords related to your industry, hashtag topics, or the recent events.

Make Spread Marketing Tweets

You can’t make marketing tweets again and again but make it spread. Make it in ratio 1:15; one about the marketing tweet and 15 other tweets about other things that don’t connect to your product or service at all. The tweets can be like conversational, valuable, or even just talking daily things. Make schedule to make the tweets during the process of marketing on Twitter.

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