Plug It In! 5 Awesome Office Gadgets That Connect to Your USB Ports

Every office is cooler when you have a few awesome gadgets to make the day go by faster. Check out these amazing gadgets, all powered by your USB port.

You’re sitting at your desk and droning away at work. You don’t have a lot of flexibility with the layout — it’s company property after all. But, there’s enough wiggle-room to personalize and have some fun on company time.

Decorating your desk with a few office gadgets can lighten your day.

Office gadgets add a little novelty to the sometimes mundane days. Some add a boost to your productivity, too! This list provides 5 must-have gadgets you’ll want sitting next to you while toiling away at work.

USB Powah! The Most Awesome Office Gadgets

Many of us spend 1/3rd of the day sitting at a desk or at least stationed at one. Some see the 8-hour workday as a detriment, we don’t spend the full time being productive. Our mind wanders after an hour and seeks little breaks to refresh.

The gadgets we hoard at our desk are low-key beneficial to our mental health and productivity. Given that, you’ll love these USB-powered gadgets (even if it takes a few times to plug in):

1. USB Desk Aquarium

Take one part organizer and one part tank and you’ve got a desktop aquarium. This neat little USB-powered gizmo gives a bin-like area to toss a few desk staples like pens and scissors. The other side is a small aquarium great for small fish, snails, or crabs. 

You’ll love this novelty item for its tranquility. Having a pet swimming around can ease your workplace tension. 

2. USB Firewall

You can’t be too safe when working on an important project. Many businesses now let you take laptops to work from home or on-the-go. Connecting to public WiFi can put your work computer at risk of attack!

A USB firewall is a serious tech for the privacy-minded. The gadget acts as a VPN to your corporate network, preventing malicious snooping. It’s not a “fun” USB gadget to say the least — but it’s valuable given so many high-profile hacks.

3. USB-C Docking Station

The USB-C standard brings tons of benefits with devices like docking stations. These stations connect USB-C devices and split output across several formats. You could turn your laptop into a multi-monitor workstation with the dock.

The universal mini on provides an inexpensive entry point. You can upgrade to more output, too, with higher-end models. These docking stations are quite handy if you need a lot of desktop real estate for your work.

4. USB Mug Warmer

Taking a swig of cold coffee or tea is a terrible thing when you’re zoned in on work. The hours slipped by and you’re stuck making another hot drink run — not anymore with the mug warmer. This hotplate plugs into a USB port providing heat to keep your hot drinks toasty-warm all day. 

5. USB Motion Controller

The Airbar uses motion detection to add touch sensitivity to a normal screen. The device connects via USB and mounts below the screen. Once configured, you can tap and pinch like you would your phone or touch-screen PC.

Or, you can try Leap Motion which adds 3D motion controls. The device is like turning your normal computer into a VR station without the headset!

A Bit of Novelty Goes a Long Way at Work

Adding a few office gadgets can brighten the day given the amount of time we spend behind a desk. If something quirky or organizational makes your day better then who would complain? Happy people are productivity people!

What else can you bring to work to boost productivity? Check our productivity tips and tricks for tons of other great ideas!

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