Japan Luggage Express For Your International Moving Service

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For those of you who are planning an international moving from Japan and searching for a reliable, professional moving company, you should consider choosing Japan Luggage Express. This shipping and moving company can help you to safely ship your personal belongings to your destination at a reasonable price. Japan Luggage Express offers international moving and shipping services from Japan, to many various destinations. Such as the United States of America, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The moving and shipping company can also help you move from almost anywhere in Japan. Besides quality services, Japan Luggage Express also prioritizes their customers’ satisfaction.

About Japan Luggage Express

As it is said before, Japan Luggage Express is an international moving company and freight forwarder. Founded in 1995 in Tokyo, the company offers premium, quality shipping services for those moving overseas, corporates, government institutions, and embassies. It has rapidly grown into one of the leading international moving companies in Japan because of its quality shipping services, competitive rates, and expert knowledge on international moving and customs brokerage.

Japan Luggage Express has a goal to provide innovative, expert, yet economical shipping and moving services that can meet or even exceed their customers’ expectations. Though they already provide such premium services, the company still constantly try their best to improve their services even better.

Why You Should Choose Japan Luggage Express

Japan Luggage Express is client-centered and puts personal services on top. Since it was established in 1995, the international shipping company has been handling more than 10,000 shipments. This number equals an average of 400 shipments per year. It is quite a large number for international shipping and moving companies, especially in Japan. So, if you are looking for an experienced, professional, and reliable international moving company, Japan Luggage Express is a great option.

The company is willing to handle even a small shipment which other shipping companies are not interested due to the low profit. It focuses on packed-by-owner-style and door-to-port shipments. Japan Luggage Company specializes in delivery. The word delivery here means bringing and handing over the proper and right thing to the proper and right recipient. The international moving company does not only deliver packages but also delivers the right services to the right person.

Why the Company Can Offer More Affordable Shipping Rates

Usually, most international shipping companies in Japan handle only large shipments that are mostly pieces of furniture. This is why the make a lot of money on only a few shipments. On the other hand, Japan Luggage Express handles a large number of shipments, making a little profit on each shipment. Moreover, many international shipping companies are not willing to handle small shipments. And they make profits mostly from packing and shipping door-to-door.

In fact, people prefer to save a significant amount of money by packing their belongings themselves, shipping door-to-port, and picking up the shipment at the destination terminal. So, quite many customers prefer to choose Japan Luggage Express because they can reduce some costs and expenses.

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