Smart Earplugs Create True Silence and Improve Your Sleep Quality

Hush’s newest smart earplugs allow you to sleep through the night and to enjoy the soundest sleep ever. The tiny and ergonomic design of the earplugs makes you feel as if you wear nothing in your ear when you lie on the bed. The smart technology that enhances them guarantees that your sleep will always be the best one. The tiny earplugs support connection to your mobile device so that you can find them easily when you miss them. They also come with a pocket case that also functions as a charger. The smart feature-rich earplugs will be a tiny, safe and versatile gadget that makes sure that every night will always be the best time to rest.

Tiny and Ergonomic Design

The wireless earplugs are so tiny, thin and flat that when you wear them while lying on your bed, you will feel nothing blocking up your ear. The earplugs come with specifically designed tip that will perfectly fit in your ear canal. The tip is originally made from plastic, but if you prefer to wear foam or rubber tip, you can always get one. You can even get a custom-molded tip if you wish to wear earbuds that are perfectly tailored to the physical structure of your ear canal.


Smart Mechanism to Deliver True Silence

The earplugs deliver true silence in a smart way. They are capable to record noises originating from your surroundings and then to produce opposite sound waves to neutralize those noises. This smart method allows you to enjoy true silence during your sleep. Besides delivering true silence, the earplugs are also capable to produce noises that help you achieve better sleep, including white noises as well as noise variants like pink and brown ones. The earplugs can also be controlled to play soothing sounds and binaural beats using mobile app that is installed on your smartphone.

A Device that Will Never Be Lost

Due to their small size, you may be worried that they will accidentally be lost or misplaced. There is nothing to worry about the earbuds because if you misplace them, you can easily locate them by “calling” them using your phone. An app that is installed on your mobile device allows the earbuds to make a noise so that you can easily locate them.
Have We Mentioned Its Smart Pocket?

The earplugs come with a smart pocket case. The case uses modern and stylish design that makes it a perfect container for the technologically advanced smart earplugs. The case functions not only as the container for the earplugs, but also as a convenient charger for them. This case has its own battery and can charge the earplugs fully ten times before its battery needs to be recharged.

Safe to Use

What is your biggest concern when you wear electronic device on your head? Radiation, right? Radiation is a fearsome danger especially if its source is located near your brain. Fear nothing if you wear the earplugs because they have been designed to be low-radiation devices. The earplugs emit only a small fraction of radiation that is normally emitted by Bluetooth devices during a single phone call. You will never damage your brain even if you have to wear the earplugs for hours every day.


One special feature of these earplugs is that they have a dedicated alarm system that will wake you up whenever necessary. Because the earplugs are planted deep in your ear canal, you are the only person who will hear the alarm. If there is someone sleeping near you, the earplugs’ alarm system will not disturb his or her sleep.

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