5 Benefits Offered by the Best Email Archive Solutions

It is likely that you receive and send lots of emails each day. It is a fantastic method of communication, allowing you to reach anyone in the world in an instant. Did you know that 75% of the intellectual property of businesses is found in their email? This means that it also has to be protected, and that can be done through the best email archive solutions. Let’s take a look at the five key benefits this offers.

5 Benefits of the Best Email Archive Solutions

  1. It solves any issues around storage. Emails sometimes have large resolution images or files attached to them and they have to be stored somewhere. Unsurprisingly, corporate servers tend to be filled with these types of files, and this affects performance. Through email archiving, you ensure spam is filtered out, files are compressed, and everything is stored within the archiving solution, which is usually held on the cloud. This means the organization has more storage for other things.
  2. It improves your overall data security. When data is archived, it isn’t necessarily safe. You need a good archiving solution that backups regularly, so that you are prepared for disaster recovery as well. The issue of confidentiality in data is also very important, and you must ensure that you have a solution in place that protects against theft. The best email archive solutions have both offline and online security protocols in place to achieve this.
  3. You will be fully compliant with eDiscovery requests. Industries like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, energy, and financial services have to meet stringent regulations in relation to their business records. Any data must be stored unaltered and cannot be deleted. Good archiving solutions safeguard this.
  4. Data management is significantly simplified. In a business, thousands of emails are sent and received each day, and IT managers have to manage that somehow. Doing so manually would take hours, losing productivity. Thanks to an email archive solution, parameters can be set in place that make it easier to manage, store, and retrieve any data.
  5. It greatly increases overall productivity. The email server will no longer be filled full of unnecessary data. Rather, it is easier than ever to simply enter a few keywords and receive all the information necessary. This means that if any questions are asked about specific conversations, it takes just an instant to retrieve all of them. Filtering results by data, sender, receiver, or subject is all possible. Furthermore, productivity is also increased because certain messages, such as spam, are filtered automatically. This means that the workforce no longer has to read messages they never needed to see at all. The added benefit is that this improves security, as there is less chance of someone clicking on a phishing email as well.

It is clear that email archiving solutions should be in place in any organization to ensure they efficiently use their servers and storage facilities, while at the same time being fully compliant with all relevant regulations.

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