4 Top-Rated Car Dashboard Apps for Easier Navigation

Top-rated car dashboard apps

For those who love automotive world, car dashboard apps are as important as other car interior accessories, right? Dashboard apps are important to make navigation easier and they influence your comfort while driving. Yes, you get much information that helps your driving maneuver from the dashboard screen, including voice control, music control, weather data, and many more.

Options of Favorite Car Dashboard Apps

It is true that the market is loaded with hundreds of car dashboard apps, and picking the best one may be a little bit tricky. If you want to run android-based apps on your dashboard without having to replace the existing device, then you can pick one of the following top-rated apps as reviewed by Engadget:

CarHome Ultra

CarHome Ultra is one of top-rated car dashboard apps, thanks to the rich features, such as Google Voice searching facility, voice dialer, and navigation tools. It is a free downloadable app from Google Play. It comes with 6 information tiles to provide 6 types of information, night mode, Google Maps integration that provides accurate weather and temperature report, as well as user’s Android history.

The main issues related to CarHome Ultra also comes from the 6 information tiles, thus making the data display less visible. Checking out the time while driving may be a challenging task for you because of the tiny clock. Overall, CarHome Ultra gets a 3-out-of-5 rating.


It is popular among car owners because of the smooth and fast user interface. The advantages include helpful features, such as voice dialing, clearer display of weather information, speedometer, and time information. There is also Google Maps integration that results in great navigation.

However, HTC Car can only be used when the dashboard has HTC One model, complete with original ROM. Otherwise, the app will not work. Furthermore, the app is not always able to launch the setup model using custom buttons. Overall, it is one of dependable car dashboard apps available now.

Car Dashroid

This is a good addition for your dashboard app list. It is rich in use-friendly features, which can be used using swiping method. The app is effective, displaying the information of time, weather, and speed in a clearer way. The voice integration comes with OK Google.

Car Dashroid is also popular because of the sleek look, modern design, and simple operation. Furthermore, it works well in the night, as there are various options of color. Overall, Car Dashroid gets a rating of 5 of 5. Perfect!


The app provides rich information through 3 separate screens. The first one displays Music feature, which requires additional apps, such as Poweramp for optimum work. The second and the third screens display GPS, which helps in navigation. It displays sped data, coordinate, altitude, and travel distance.

So, which app is the winner. To review the top-rated car dashboard apps, Engadget used some comparison criteria, such as speed of user interface, voice control, Google Maps integration, visual clarity, and weather information. With all of these criteria, Car Dashroid comes to be the winner with 5/5 rating. Do you agree?

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