Employers- Important Reasons to Do a Background Check Before Hiring a Candidate

It is a routine for every employer when it comes to filling a vacancy in a company an organization or a firm that there are few things that need to be done. One of these steps that are very important is a background check. Remember hiring a new employee is one of the perilous decisions that a hiring manger makes since the new staff can either bring more benefits or sink down the organization. A background check helps the hiring manager to make a safer and more informed employment decision, in fact today; many hiring managers have put in place some crucial background checking techniques that helps to get the best candidate out of the many applications they receive.

First, an advert containing the job description is either published online or shared among office members so that qualified parties interested can send their applications for consideration. The hiring managers then needs to select those candidates that are qualified to fill the position advertised. Some may decide to start with a phone interview then finish by one on one interviews, others will just use the one on one interview.

It is during these interview processes where the hiring mangers now can get the information they are looking for so that they can decide who to hire and who not to. However, up to this point, the main element of any hiring process is not mentioned which is the background check. Do you do a background check before hiring your staff? If not then read below to know the reasons why you need to run a pre-employment background screening before hiring a candidate.

  1. Pinpoint any criminal background

You are done with the recruitment process, now you have the best candidate who has stood out from the rest. Very polite, humble and respectful! But do you know candidates can fake all these qualities? How do you know that the same candidate you are hiring was involved in a bank robbery just the other day? How sure are you that this candidate won’t repeat the same again in your organization?

Having a background check on someone before hiring them is very crucial as it will help the hiring manger to get full background history on someone and this information can help the hiring manger to make an informed hiring decision.

  1. A background check will provide a full picture of the candidate

It is true that most job seekers will always fake things so that they don’t miss an opportunity to ensure they please the hiring manger during a job interview. This is a goal of any candidate to make sure the hiring manger finds them friendly, charming and professional. Without a background check you are likely to fall for these traps and fail to know the real person you are hiring but with one in place, you get an opportunity to know whether they fit and that they have clean and pure background history.

  1. It helps to avoid people who are drug addicts

Many business owners put a lot of effort to ensure a drug-free workplace. Let’s say you employ that truck driver who is experienced with many years on the road, the following day they cause an accident, reaching the police station you find out your truck driver was on several occasions charged with drug charges either distributing them or using them. It is good to add to the background check a drug test procedure to eliminate people who are unable to work without taking drugs to avoid daily drug charges against your drivers.



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