Major Differences Between a Porcelain Tile & Ceramic Tile

Generally, people assume porcelain and ceramic are similar and use the terms often interchangeably. The reason for considering the same is due to similar installation, having largely the same merits and drawbacks. Though, there are many differences between porcelain and ceramic tile.  

Porcelain tile falls mainly in a significant category of ceramics as it has the same rigid tile shape. However, porcelain is still different from ceramic tile. In this post, we have a list of key differences that give you a better picture of these two tiles. 

Catch the Differences Below!


Both tiles are manufactured with a glazed surface coating, so they might be hard to distinguish. However, a ceramic tile is more solid in color & pattern than a porcelain tile. A porcelain tile gives you a glimpse of natural stone-like marble. If you desire a vintage wood glance for your home interior, porcelain wall tile is ideal. 

➤ Care & Cleaning

In comparison to ceramic, porcelain is easy to clean. All you need is a clean wet cloth; you can also use a water soap solution to clean the tile. Ceramic also needs the same cleaning procedure; however, sometimes, it’s difficult to remove the harsh stains if not cleaned on time. 

➤ Durability

The salesperson will say for both the tiles that they are non-porous. Therefore, they are not lying. But porcelain has dense clay, which makes it less porous than ceramic clay. Porcelain stays for a longer term in good condition. Therefore, it is not easily prone to cracking and breaking. This is one of the reasons that many commercial buildings have started using porcelain over ceramic. 


As mentioned above, both forms of tiles have similar installations. Generally, tiles are installed by using cement with a mortar-based thin-set adhesive. The tiles differ in densities, so porcelain tile is quite brittle and requires experienced hands. 

➤ Lifespan

Both types of tiles have strong manufacturing, which makes them durable. But as discussed above, porcelain is more durable in contrast to ceramic. It’s because of the difference in the substance. Porcelain has a harder substance which gives it a good lifespan. 

 ➤ Cost 

You now might have an idea which tile can price you more. Undoubtedly, ceramic is less durable & porous than porcelain tile. In other words, porcelain is of a bit higher quality than ceramic tile, so it is more expensive than a ceramic one. 

True Facts: How Porcelain Is Certified

As it was difficult to analyze the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile. In 2008, the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) manufacturers and Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA) distributors created a third-party organization to define the differences. Plus, the third-party organization also came up with a standard definition for porcelain tile. After certification, many American companies have started using the PTCA Certification Mark branding to produce authentic porcelain tiles.  

So, these were some significant differences; we hope you have a better understanding of porcelain and ceramic tile. 

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