How to monitor your child’s activities on the phone with SpyMyFone?

If you are concerned about your children’s activities and want to keep an eye over them by tracking the daily phone and internet use by them, then SpyMyFone is a great tool for your help. SpyMyFone is compatible with people of all ages and lets you to track on almost all minute details on the target devices. It is very easy to install on the target device as it doesn’t require root permission to install and track user details.

Know more about the tool in the following article to monitor your child’s smartphone activity.

  1. Grab each call and message details.

SpyMyFone lets the users track details of every call (whether it is Incoming call or Outgoing call) on the target device by allowing to see all necessary data (such as data, time and call duration of the call) associated with it.

One can also keep an eye by tracking all sent and received offline text messages on the device. Though you can set alerts for specific Contacts the features are also applicable to every Contact in the contact list.

  • Keep an eye over the User by tracking other social media platforms.

The tracking of the chats and messages is not only limited to call lists and messages as users can conveniently spy on every message from each contact across various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat, Viber, Tinder Messenger and many more.

Along with chats and messages it can transfer other attachments such as Images, Audio, Video and other media files including other supported files too which can be easily downloaded without any tension of being caught by the device owner or any other authority.

  • Track even minor details regarding the Device.

When it comes to tracking SpyMyFone tool doesn’t ever spare minute details of the phone such as the GPS location of the device to show the live location and can even set Geofences which can count the number of times a particular place is visited.


In the time where cyberbullying is much more common among children than ever, parents are much more concerned about their children. It is necessary to keep an eye over them and track every detail regarding their daily use of the phone and internet across different social media handles. SpyMyFone is a great tool to do this for you as all you need to do is to install it on the target device and keep an eye over their phone and various application.

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