The 4 Best Smartphone Apps for Drivers

The same way smartphone apps are being used in other areas of life is the same way they are increasing for drivers and car vendors. Today, if you are an Uber driver or you have traveled using the services of Uber, you must attest that it is true smartphone apps are getting into the transport sector.

Every driver experiences some complications while on the road on a daily basis.  Take for example; you fill your car gas tank only to learn that there is a station that sells gas at a lower price next to you. You over speed without knowing whether there are traffic officers in front of you and then a speeding camera catches you. You either spend your day watching your car parked or spend your day in a police station waiting to be charged before the court. Why don’t you pay attention to your car steering wheel to avoid all these complications?

Although it is difficult to avert these occurrences, technology has made it possible. Today, you can find a variety of apps that can make your driving stress-free and safer. Ensure to search your app store to know the types of apps available. However, before that, read out a list of 6 best Smartphone Apps available for drivers today.

  1. Waze

Let other drivers know the traffic and weather conditions in your location and other drivers will also let you know what’s happening where they are. Waze is a Smartphone app that allows socializing as well as giving an opportunity for millions of users to post alerts so that everyone who is in the community is aware of what’s happening where they are driving and the other side.

If you join the Waze social community, you get alerts in case there are speeding cameras on your way so that you can slow down or change route while driving back home because there is an accident in front of you. Once a user posts information on the app, it is made available to all drivers who have joined the community. Additionally, you can use Waze to find a different route. You just need to keep the Waze app active on your Smartphone while driving so allow you to keep track of every alert that is posted by other users.

Although Waze is not ideal for day to day use as it eats up your phone’s battery and can also distract you while driving, it can help you while you stuck in some dark traffic.

  1. Google Maps

This is also another incredible app that you can use while driving. Like Waze, Google Maps helps you to find places that you have never been to. Let’s say you want to fill your gas tank and you don’t know of any station near you or you want to have a cup of coffee and you don’t know of any coffee café where you are, you just have to find that using Google maps. Google maps can also help you trace your way when you are lost.

  1. GasBuddy

You just realized your gas tank is almost empty, what is next step? You panic, why? You don’t know of any gas station where you are. GasBuddy is your best app for such situations; this app will help you find a gas station near you. You just have to enter your city, state code and let GasBuddy list more than 10 gas stations in your city. This app also lists every gas station with its prices thus enabling drivers to go to the gas station that offers affordable prices.

  1. RepairPal

Just imagine while on your road trip, your car breaks down and you do not know of any mechanic around. Do you start to go asking everyone you come across? Of course, this is a hard task. RepairPal will help sort you out of this mess. This app is top rated when it comes to car maintenance. Like GasBuddy, RepairPal also allows drivers to know the average charges for specific repairs to their specific cars and can as well help you find an experienced mechanic nearby. Therefore when you are stuck on the road due to a car breakdown, use RepairPal to locate a nearby mechanic.

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