What Situations Call For A Portable Restroom Rental?

Not every situation needs a portable restroom facility. You can sometimes manage without a restroom for a little while if there aren’t too many people needing one or there’s a nearby shopping mall or other options to use. However, sometimes you have too large a team to make using an alternative a practical solution.

Here are four situations that would benefit from using a portable restroom rental for at least a few days, without the need to get plumbing companies Geelong involved for serious bathroom changes.

Local Construction Site

A local construction site should be following the OSHA law regarding safety and health. The regulation recommends the use of a porta John or similar facilities to provide washrooms for people who are at a site for three days or more. You certainly do not want construction workers needing to find distant options for a usable bathroom because they’ll be off-site too long. Under these circumstances, it will be difficult to know which workers are on-site at any given time or their expected productivity levels too.

Fortunately, most of the portable restrooms were designed to be used on construction sites. This means it is really easy to find one that is perfect for your exact situation.

Office Restrooms Undergoing Repairs

When an office on a single floor has a washroom that is blocked up and needing a plumbing solution or repair, then it’s incumbent on the office manager to arrange alternative washrooms for staff to use. While offices on other floors in the same building are an option, it won’t be at all convenient to keep having to sign into and out of other company’s offices to gain access each time. Depending on the number of staff on your floor, it is quickly likely to become impractical too.

When the washroom is likely to be out of action for at least a day, then renting a washroom facility to use on a short-term basis is a good second option. Staff will certainly appreciate the effort, even if the inconvenience is seen as a bit much.

At the same time, renting the portable restroom is an absolute necessity in the event that workers will still be present while renovations happen. You do not want to have employees that are not happy with the working environment when you could have easily just installed a restroom.

Alternative Facilities Too Far Away

When working in some capacity at a location that lacks washrooms, then people must find alternative facilities nearby. These might be around the block or more than a block away. Either people will need to drive there or hustle down the road to get to the alternate bathrooms. Neither option is preferred when you really need to go. At such a time, people will find the inconvenience a real pain to bother with and distract them from the reason they’re there in the first place. You certainly won’t win any bonus points not providing a washroom rental in the interim.

For instance, let’s think about a mall and the situation in which you need to remodel the restrooms but it is impossible to do them one at a time. If this is the case, providing some sort of portable restroom helps much more than imagined. You make this choice not just for the mall shoppers. You also do it for the people that work at the mall.

Extra Visitors Expected to Office, Construction site, or Venue

When you’re expecting an influx of more daily visitors or people on-site than would normally be the case in a typical day, then eventually people will be queuing up for the toilets. Whether you’re talking an office, a construction site or a special events venue, adding a portable solution to handle the overflow of extra visitors is always good to have in a pinch. A clear situation when this might be needed is when you organize a concert. If you end up with more fans attending than initially planned, you want to have adequate restroom facilities available.

There are many reasons to consider renting a restroom for the day. It’s an inexpensive solution that solves a variety of short-term problems and removes any inconveniences at the same time too.

The great thing about portable restrooms is that they come in many different models. You can choose some that are really large and even include mirrors or some nice vanities. Others are really simple and just have a toilet, with the focus being put on affordability. Choose what is perfect for your situation.

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