Top 7 Applications of Robotic Soldering System

Robotic Soldering System

Robotic soldering system is an automatic process of continuous soldering, improving efficiency and precision. It is used is big industries for a better soldering job with ultimate precision. 

You can set your own custom program to perform the soldering task according to the given design or G-code. The automatic soldering machine does the same repetitive job on the predefined circuit with the same accuracy and precision. Hence, the robotic soldering machine is much helpful for the industries that produce electronics items in bulk quantity.

A single robotic soldering system can overcome a large labor force due to its versatile functions and applications. Such robotic soldering systems are fully compatible with the major robots like SCARA and 6 AXIS robot. It means you can install this robotic soldering system in your robot like SCARA to perform more dynamic automatic soldering on multiple machines. 

How robotic soldering machine works

A robotic soldering system works on assembly line automation by predefined soldering programs. There are some predefined features in a robotic soldering machine for various tasks like point soldering or line soldering. Each predefined task does the job perfectly without getting overheated and exhausted while maintaining quality.

The robotic soldering system does not require any manual assistance. It does all the required soldering steps itself. You won’t need to manually manage all the spattering, wet sponge, and soldering tasks yourself.

Robotic soldering system is programmed to do touch up solder spot from soldering bath, point soldering of the circuits, making connecting joints between PCBs, metal frames, and housing on the board. All the necessary soldering steps can be pre-coded in a good robotic soldering system. There are different kinds of soldering system machines depends on their multiple axis functioning.

How robotic soldering machine works

Applications of robotic soldering system

A robotic soldering system can be used for many applications. Some top applications regarding robotic soldering machine are as follows.

  1. A soldering machine provides an assembly frame for mounting.
  2. Robotic soldering machines can provide specific heat to a specified location constantly without any break.
  3. One robotic soldering machine can do both point soldering and slide soldering.
  4. Automatic soldering machine can provide the complete interconnection between the time control, position control, and heat control.
  5. Some advanced robotic soldering systems can work on multiple axes at once, maintaining the controlled aspects.
  6. If a soldering system is installed in big Robots like SCARCA, we can run the same soldering system on multiple machines at a time.
  7. A good robotic soldering system also gives feedback to ensure soldering precision and quality.

Advantage of robotic soldering machine  

A single robotic soldering machine can save you hours of time, thousands of bucks, and gives your soldering the accurate precision and quality. Its main purpose is to replace manual welding; thus, you don’t need to hire an extra labor force for just the soldering purpose. Not only does the robotic soldering machine works perfectly in a small working space, but also uses little power, saving you a lot of unnecessary electricity costs.

Advantage of robotic soldering machine

You must consider buying a top-quality robotic soldering machine having some advanced features like a dedicated motion controller and teach pendant. It should be able to work on 2.5 to 3 axis with ultimate speed and precision. An advanced automatic soldering machine like Soldering Robot T-6331RCM from Topbest is a desktop single head dual-rail soldering robot that provides all such required basic functionalities plus a 300K pixel micro camera preview as well for the feedback purposes.

You should always consider such products from the well-reputed companies to get a richer experience on soldering workmanship. An example in this case is Topbest. The company is a national high-tech enterprise with an R & D team of 20 engineers to provide professional solutions for soldering, distribution, and screw fastening in the 3C industry.

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