The Best Cross Border Cloud Testing Solution: LambdaTest Review


2019 is here and with it comes the advent of new development in the market for both consumers and developers, and guessing by the trends in 2018 something we’ll see a lot of cloud computing services. Services like Remote Development Machines and Remote Testing have somewhat started their rapid ascend into mainstream workplaces and why wouldn’t they?

It’s cheaper and easier to maintain than owning your own machine. It saves a lot of time because of the sheer power of these Remote Testing Services (which have more than a hundred computers up and running at the same time) and ofcourse they get more work done efficiently. So why wouldn’t the paradigm shift?

Today, we’re reviewing one such Remote Testing Service called LambdaTest.

LambdaTest is essentially an online cross browser compatibility tester that allows you to remotely test how your Web Application will work with different browser and OS settings. The key to using this of course is firstly having a Web App that you can actually test. It doesn’t really matter if your site has gone public or not, cause you can even test out locally hosted applications on LambdaTest.

Now instead of wasting our time beating around the bush lets actually take a deeper look into the feature set of LambdaTest.


A great online cross browser compatibility testing service

What’s in the name if it can’t even perform what it advertises right?

Well, LambdaTest does exactly what it advertises and more. Firstly ofcourse it is a downright awesome cross browser compatibility testing service that allows users to test out the compatibility of their web apps on different configurations of Browsers, Operating Systems, Browser versions and builds. The remote browsers you get hold of also come in with super handy IDE built into them that allow you chop and change up your code on the fly. Even if you’re accessing the remote servers from a machine that isn’t yours.

No limitations on the configurations you can run tests on

Now when it comes to browsers we all know how many variations there are to each browser. Most browsers even keep receiving daily/weekly updates. And let’s not even get into the builds. Chrome alone has 4 different builds, and we’re not even talking about the version. But with LambdaTest you can easily sit down and select which version of which browser you wish to test on which OS (currently only Windows and Mac).

But it doesn’t end there. Aside from support for computer browsers, you can also test out these browser variations on different mobiles. Yes you read that right. Mobiles!

Choose from a host of mobiles with different resolutions and test how your website works on it. Run tests on big name brands like HTC, Amazon, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, Oppo and Vivo and of course all versions of the iPhone and the iPad when it comes to iOS.

Other features

Other important features of this service includes

  • Automated Screenshots/Screen Recordings: This is how you see all your test results in real time. With the automated screenshot feature you can visualise how different browsers are behaving while interacting with your Web App.
  • Resolution Display Testing: Test out how your website will function on various resolutions.
  • Issue Logger: With the help of the built  in issue logger you can easily sit down and moderate your website and crush out bugs reported by the users.

With a monthly fee of just around $15 LambdaTest proves to be a deal we simply can’t refuse.

There is a free to try version available on their website, and also a deeper look at the plans and features.

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