5 Ways Hackers Attack You

There is a popular saying that “protection is better than cure” and it is relevant in the digital world. You should gain knowledge about digital world security because that’s going to help you understand how to protect yourself from hacker attacks. Many internet consumers don’t have an idea of knowledge on hacker attacks, which makes a clear path for the invaders to enter your environment. We have mentioned five clever ways hackers are attacking average citizens on a daily basis.

1. Phishing

Did someone send an SMS telling that you have won Lucky Draw from a recent online shopping purchase? We have claimed the warranty of a product coming from a reputed online shopping store and the same day we received an SMS and a call. We won a well-known car including a cash prize and it seemed legit, but we did not fall for it. Unfortunately, not everyone is well-informed like us and thousands of people fall for it on a daily basis. Of course, there are many ways scammers can fool you but if you pay attention to the solution, then nobody can beat you at this.

Solution: You should go through what is Phishing? Be Wary of Fake Emails and Other Scams for in-depth knowledge in it.

2. Pirated Solutions

Did you purchase the Windows license key? Millions of computers are running pirated Windows 10 operating system and you should avoid it at any cost. The unknown developers spend a lot of time cracking the popular programs and making it available for free-of-cost. The crack contains threats that we cannot block because it makes the system owners to “run as administrator“ so you have given authority.

If you are assuming that you will remove it or delete it, then it won’t work because it spreads on another partition or location. Remember, the hackers design the threats to spread, so it will never leave the machine. There are many threats that stick around even after formatting the drive.

Solution: Don’t download & install pirated programs.

3. Pirated Websites

Many websites exist on the World Wide Web that distributes copyrighted content like the latest movies, web series, tv shows episodes, and more. You can download the premium content without paying a single penny, and they don’t even have subscription-based packages. In short, you are paying for the content, and pirated websites will give free service. You have to keep in mind that nothing is free on the internet to this extent because it takes time & money run servers.

Pirated Websites

Pirated websites rely on ad networks to help them generate income, and you are the product. Legal ad networks don’t support it and are forced to sign up on sketchy ad networks. You may have seen pop-up advertisements and fake websites appear in the next window because they contain threats.

Solutions: Do not visit pirated sites and strengthen security.

4. Public Wi-Fi

You may not know public Wi-Fi or free Wi-Fi can be used to steal connected devices’ information. If you are connected to public Wi-Fi, even if has a password in it, still your information can be copied by the attacker connected on the same network. 

Public Wi-Fi

It has been found that many privacy invaders have set up a free wireless connection to steal information from you. Do not rush and think that it is safe to use a free wireless connection in Coffee Shops, Restaurant, Microsoft Office, etc. 

Solution: Use a VPN and avoid internet banking, social media, and important tasks while you are on a public wireless network.

5. No Security System

No Security System

Many Windows & macOS running machines rely on Windows Defender & Apple T2 Security Chip. However, you may not know that the Defender is inconsistent, and the Mac OS X security system doesn’t work consistently. The mufti-billion dollar software companies are not able to keep up with millions of attacks on the operating system. The legit security features are turned into gimmicks, and your machine is unprotected & wide-open for privacy invaders to enter the environment.

Solution: Switch to Linux (Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Lubuntu) or subscribe to premium security system like Avast, Bitdefender, Norton, etc. 

Bottom Line

The most popular operating system line-ups are the primary target for invaders because most of the consumers are simple-minded people and lack knowledge in this area. Invaders have developed smart methods to trick smart users as well, so you have to take necessary steps to ensure that no one can penetrate the walls. Let us know which solution you have applied in the comment section below.

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