Imagine a Theme and Draw Your Own Starbucks Cup; New Thing in 2015

Speaking of design would drive some people crazy; simply because a design in a cup or in a shirt, or anywhere, would state something different. A design in Starbucks cup for example, in 2015, Starbucks’ cup provides their beloved customers a place for them to imagine and to draw their design of Starbucks’ cup. The reason is because this year is about going minimal and minimal is what they offer. Of all those controversy, this kind of cute cup would make everyone creative on their own way while sipping a cup of happiness inside.

What Kind of Controversy?

The rumors have been going loud lately that Starbucks lets their cup blank because there is any religious issue related to that. But Starbucks’ management hurried to deny it and confirm that they want to let their customers’ imagination play. A religious fact or not in the design of Starbucks’ cup, a sip of coffee or tea in Starbucks while drawing and coloring some doodle on the cup would be lovely. The only controversy might be the one about someone random suddenly turns into a creator on their own, letting themselves free and escape from reality.

starbucks cup controversy

Free Interpretation Allowed

Year by year, Starbucks lets a cup they have to be painted the same; let’s say in 2013 version they tend to have a theme of Christmas and some decorations or ornaments, which were lovely. Then in 2014, they have some pine trees on it while it was being interpreted that due to long public holiday, Starbucks also celebrated it. And now in 2015 which will be going straight to 2016, the design would be free interpretation. This can be considered as one sign that modern era has its place in a cup of coffee, finally. Letting people speak up and free their mind is a goal of humanity.


Be More Creative, Be Bold, Speak Up

A whole creativity of someone imagination will go along well with development and design of technology. This time, it is the year of minimalist and that is all. The reason why Starbucks let the cup be interpreted freely may be because of the free speech issues in the world that have been going run out lately. As one of many solutions, a free blank cup in Starbucks would do good to start a morning, a noon, an evening, and a night to be more creative in the design of Starbucks’ cup.

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