How To Advertise Your Magento Website Online

So you’ve got a world-class Magento website setup for your business, but very few customers are visiting it when you look in Google Analytics.

You’re not alone, this story is all too common for e-commerce store owners across the world.

The solution? Online advertising. Here are some of your best options…

Run Facebook Ads

What’s the tiling on Facebook allows you to target very specific demographics and locations.

Although advertising on Facebook won’t allow you to target customers who have shown obvious intentions of buying your products, you can get in front of people that are interested in the type of products you sell at a relatively low cost.

This makes it a great place to advertise your Magento website.

Run a Twitter Ad Campaign

Similar to Facebook advertising, Twitter adverts are a relatively cheap way to get in front of your target customers. You can also run twitter adverts to specific users if you have a list of them that you would like to advertise to.

Choose from certain age brackets, location targeting and even interests to identify your target customers on the platform.

The low cost of advertising on Twitter makes it a great way to gain exposure to your Magento website.

Optimise For Google

SEO is another cost effective way to get traffic to your Magento website. And although Magento isn’t perfectly set up for SEO out the box, it can be modified to gain better rankings by an SEO professional.

By optimising your products for the key search phrases, you can get buyers to your Magento website for free through SEO.

Create A YouTube Channel

Youtube isn’t just for children, it’s also for companies who want to sell more products through their website. You can display the product you have for sale through keyword optimised videos and get thousands of potential buyers watching for free.

YouTube is another search engine, similar to Google. The difference is that people are more likely to make a connection with you when viewing your videos.

So don’t be camera shy! Get your business on YouTube for more sales through your online shop.

Cross Email Promotions

This one takes a bit of networking, but a good outreach campaign should help you find paid opportunities for companies in a similar business to you to introduce you to their audience.

This will come at a cost, as it needs to be mutually beneficial, but it can be a great way to advertise your Magento website and company in general.

Try offering them something for free if they sign up to your mailing list, that way you gain a subscriber and they gain a gift. Win-win.

Just make sure it’s GDPR friendly to avoid any headaches later down the line.

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