Kohler Works Together with Amazon Alexa to Make Your Bathroom Smarter

Kohler is a popular manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom products. Now, it wants to pamper its loyal customers by bringing Alexa to your bathroom. Here are some new products from Kohler that will make your bathroom smarter.

Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

Kohler’s bestselling mirror Verdera now will come with Amazon Alexa, which allows voice command. This is the only product that comes with Amazon Alexa and the voice command can be used to control the other bathroom equipment. The speaker is built into the bottom part of the mirror but you don’t have to worry that it will be splashed by water. This is because the speaker is properly encased so no water can reach it.

The mirror also comes with motion sensor. As a result, it you stand in front of the mirror, the level of the light will automatically rise. And when you leave the mirror, the light level will be automatically dimmed. It is such a nice way to save energy since the light will go off if it is not used. Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror is set to arrive in the market on March and available in three different sizes.

Perfect Fill Bathtub

Using the bathtub will be more comfortable than ever thanks to the voice command and Kohler Konnect app. Taking a nice bath in a bathtub is great and all, but waiting for the water to fill up can be really annoying. But Kohler’s Perfect Fill Bathtub will change everything for the better.

The smart command can automatically regulate the fill level as well as the temperature of the water. Once the bathtub listens to the command, the drain will plug by itself and water will start filling the bathtub until it reaches the level you desired. Furthermore, this smart bathtub also has special settings for hydrotherapy and vibracoustic soundwave.

DTV Shower

If you are not really a bathtub person and prefer to use a shower in your bathroom, then DTV shower can be a great choice. The new version of the shower comes with a more advanced DTV (Digital Thermostatic Valve) as well as Kohler Konnect.

DTV Shower is very popular because it allows you to personalize the setting of your shower, for example, adjusting the flow rate or the temperature of the water. With the addition of Kohler Konnect and Alexa, all those features can be controlled via voice command.

Numi Intelligent Toilet

Numi is the most favorite toilet line from Kohler and now people will love it even more because it now comes with smart features. Smart Numi comes with hands-free flushing, bidet cleansing, air drying and also feet warming. But the best feature from the new Numi is definitely the odor control. Sitting on the toilet for a long time will become less boring because the toilet now comes with music.

You can also use voice command to tell Numi to flash. But if you prefer to use physical control, a wall mounted control panel is still available. Kohler’s smart bathroom equipment is going to be available in the market soon and can be purchased in Kohler’s showrooms.

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