How to be a Successful IT Manager

IT jobs in San Francisco and other parts of the world are progressively growing in number. Big companies such as Google, Netflix, and Facebook, are still on the search for potential candidates with excellent technical skills – from entry-level IT staff to IT managers and team leaders. 

Becoming a successful IT manager comes with a lot of great responsibilities. One has to be very efficient and must have enough knowledge in leading this role as this involves both leading a team and handling technical complexities. 

And in order for you to be an effective IT manager, you must possess the following skills and traits:

1. Knows how to organize and handle projects

An IT manager is expected to lead a project and delegate it to the team members. You have to master the art of effective delegation to make sure that each task is given to the right person. One must also know how to organize the schedule for the whole team – from planning and gathering information up to executing the plan and delivering the results. 

2. Ability to communicate with the whole team

To effectively communicate with the team, one must be able to observe each member. Aside from the ability to delegate tasks, you must also practice active listening. Considering everyone’s opinion and listening to their concerns can be a great help for the whole team to finish deliverables on time and practice teamwork. This could also motivate not only your team but your other colleagues in your company.

3. Must be detail-oriented

Little mistakes may bring great disappointments. This can affect your business relationship with your clients and could result in a great loss in your company. In some cases, the recorded performance of every team member will also get affected. Being attentive to details can help you avoid certain mistakes and identify possible errors even before they occur. 

4. Possess analytical and problem-solving skills

In some cases, non-IT managers differ from IT managers. While both of them need to know how to resolve issues, IT managers need to be more analytical, especially on the technical side. They must be able to understand the key role of technology in the business processes and identify the needs of the organization. 

5. Ability to work under pressure

There are times when clients set high expectations. An IT manager must be able to know how to deliver good results and find solutions when problems arise while remaining calm and patient. Aside from that, one must also be able to influence the whole team to work under pressure without having to compromise the quality of results to be delivered. 

6. Passionate about the evolving technology

This may be the last, but not least. Being an IT manager involves working on the complexities of tech. With the fast-paced technology, one must have the passion to continuously learn about the new trends. Every day should be an opportunity for them to learn new things and grow in their knowledge about their craft. 
While not everyone is qualified to get involved in the IT industry, a person with perseverance and a desire for learning have a great chance of finding success in a career in tech.

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