Understanding the Elements of a Home Computer Network to Know the Cost to Pay for It

Hardwired computer network at home is not a luxurious thing today in which it comes with a certain amount of computer network wiring installation cost to pay attention to. The rapid development and advancement of internet networks comes with the need of having a dependable internet connection to support any business even on its smallest scale such as at home business. The total cost to install a complete computer network will vary from one vendor to another. It will depend on the actual location of installation as well. So, what makes a complete computer network and how much is the cost needed to install it?

Of course the initial element needed to connect a hardwired internet network is the cable. In this case the so-called Ethernet cable that will depend on the amount of area to be covered. As an example a space with 4 rooms without pre-wiring will require about $1,055 to $ 1,520 for the installation of the cable. The need for fiber optic cable today will boost that cost even higher. Furthermore the estimation of flat installation rate according to expert technicians in this field may be from $300 to $2,200 with the hourly rate in between $65 and $85.

Following the need of the cable that should be at least using the Cat 6 Ethernet2 there is the need of Ethernet2 switch. In affecting the computer network wiring installation cost, the switch could be having its cost of $25 to $30 accordingly. Moreover RJ45 Jacks alongside plates and plugs are needed as well which could cost about $25. Five patch cables should be purchased next in its approximate cost of only $25. There are some additional materials to use according to personal preferences such as patch panels, plastic grommets and Velcro strips which will not be too costly.

A crucial element within the installation of hardwired internet network is the needed drops for the actual site. The so-called drop is the needed wire to run from the server room to another area in need of the internet connection. Moreover it is not just the wire but everything else involved from the connector and even the patch panels as well. The more drops needed within an installation then the more expensive the computer network wiring installation cost will be in the end. The average installation will need about $125 to $200 for each drop just the complete cabling system. The patch panels required may cost about $50 for each drop along with the hourly service cost of technician to install it as mentioned earlier in between $65 and S$85.

Different types of cable are available within the components of hardwired internet computer network installation to consider. In the end the selection of the cable will affect the actual computer network wiring installation cost. Cat5, Cat 5e and Cat6 types of cable are the most common types to choose for this matter. Cat3 and Cat4 can be incorporated inly for non-VoIP applications while the Cat7 is not recommended since it will be too expensive without its actual need at the moment.

The cost to install the internet wiring network can be reduced when the actual spot has been pre-wired. Commonly there are buildings constructed with the idea of Cat 5 pre-wired cabling done already. So, keep that in mind when about to install a new internet wiring system. In a pre-wired building with 4 rooms for example, the cost to deal with the wiring may only be at the level of $260 to $340. Installing the whole system of internet wiring in a construction will be much more efficient and cheaper than on a finished building. There is no need to drill too much which will cost more in term of the labor cost. Removing and putting back certain features of a finished building to install the wiring will definitely crank the installation cost up highly.

When it comes to the components of a computer network wiring system, it is actually pretty simple since it will commonly come in a complete package within the installation to be done by technicians. Yet it is important to understand that matter to be able to at least figure out the needed money to get the installation done. Knowing what types of cable needed and what type of cable that is the best, as well as other elements needed within the installation will be useful. Although it is easy to get the idea of that computer network wiring installation cost by just asking the customer service of internet providers or vendors in the end.

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