How To Protect Yourself From Exploding Sunroofs

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Sunroofs are more common and larger with each passing year. But just as more people seek these car attributes once considered a luxury, you hear more reports of sunroofs exploding without a clear cause. So how can you protect yourself from exploding sunroofs, if you have one in your vehicle? When do you need a sunroof replacement?

Why do sunroofs explode?

 No one yet knows why sunroofs explode. Some theories include the design being flawed, others revolve around ineffective manufacturing. Regardless of what causes the problem, it is almost impossible to know which sunroofs will explode and which are stable. The only safety measure right now is through the manufacturers’ quality control process.

 Although you cannot know if your sunroof will explode before it happens, you can protect yourself when it does.

Ask about Your Vehicle Warranty

 The biggest question of exploding sunroofs is, “Who is at fault?” Manufacturers blame the environment, such as temperature changes or road debris. Drivers blame design or manufacturing defects after a sunroof randomly explodes. Regardless of who or what is to blame, you need to ask whether your warranty covers manufacturing or design defects when it comes to the sunroof. Of course, this question is best asked before buying your vehicle.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent

 Because no one knows for certain why sunroofs explode, many insurance companies do not know how to cover this problem. Talk to your insurance company and ask whether your policy covers the vehicle’s warranty. Some brands of insurance do, whereas others do not reimburse any money for sunroof replacement.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

 Most drivers who say their sunroof exploded also note the absence of warning signs before the explosion happened. Then, a few owners noted popping sounds before the sunroof burst. If you hear any sounds coming from your sunroof, take your vehicle into your dealership right away. Ask for the service department to check your sunroof and explain their policy for its potential replacement.

Keep Documentation about the Damage

 If your sunroof explodes, you can expect a lot of noise. Despite the shock of this happening, try to stay calm and keep your vehicle on the road. Treat this occurrence like any other auto accident scene. This means you should document the damage by taking photos, noting weather conditions and looking for signs of a potential cause.

 If anyone witnessed the spontaneous explosion, get their contact information. Also, make good notes about their account of what happened.

Talk to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)

 The NHTSA is tracking exploding sunroof data in their work to identify the cause of these problems. They are trying to identify potential design defects or safety issues. By contacting them to file your incident report, you help them enforce safety changes and other solutions for the future.

Contact Your Dealership and Auto Manufacturer

 Some dealers prove very sympathetic and helpful when a sunroof explodes. Others make customers foot a large bill. Stand your ground with your dealer and remind them that unless you caused the issue or there are signs of environmental damage, they should replace the sunroof at their cost.

Talk to Your Insurance Company

 If you experience problems with your dealer or the manufacturer is paying for sunroof replacement, talk to your insurance company. They can intervene on your behalf, to get one or both of these parties to foot the bill. If nothing else, your insurance policy may cover replacement costs.

Call the Auto Glass Experts When Your Sunroof Explodes

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