How to make a good impression on shoppers in an online store

Can you imagine that you have an infinite number of people, who serve your customers and nobody is waiting for consultant? And the most important thing, it cost nearly the same as employment one person? Do you think it’s impossible? Nothing more wrong, you can have it even tomorrow. You just have to take the action.

Our solution is not intended only for customer service, but also for building brand engagement, loyalty, organize competitions and inform customers about offered service or products. To have it all, you just need to build a bot. Maybe you think it’s ridiculous, but a lot of big companies use it for communicate with customer and for automate communication between employees.

What is a bot?

It is an automatic, programmed answers displayed after the customer asks a question, but in intelligent way. Bot understands what customer say to him, so don’t associate it with an answering machine. This is an imitation of conversation with a consultant. To create a bot you don’t need a lot, just a platform, which makes it possible and a good idea how to do this. Below are some valuable tips about it.

How to build a bot?

Firstly you should think about strategy, analyze frequently asked question and how to customers ask, find out what information is most important for them and how to make their lives easier. This is the hardest part. When you get all information you could start build a bot.

In the Internet you could find a lot of inspiration how to build it in intriguing way. Good advice is to create personality. Literally. Give a name to your bot, talk with graphic designer about create character- picture or animation. Think about which words will be using and what type of personality will be better connected to your store – cheerful or rather serious? Your content have to be consistent with all of it.

How a bot will make your store more attractive?

With a bot you can help customers to find your products, go to the basket or redirect to the right place on the website. But it’s not all. You can build a loyalty through storytelling during product promotion or increase the reach of your Facebook posts by automatic replies to comments with invitation to competition or other fun. You can also create intelligent answers for most frequently asked question and your bot will be replying to messages like human.

Good practice it to make an interviews before giving an access to something valuable. By interviews you can recognize needs and preferences of customers. Just properly configure the questions and use them in subsequent customer service or in promotion of new products.

As you can see building a bot has many benefits connected with customer relations. You could find a lot of tutorials suitable for chosen platform. Of course, each platform is different. Do research and choose the best for you, because you can’t move the bot. If you change the platform you will need to start building a bot again.

Now you know a lot and the next step is just to get started, discover, experiment and see for yourself. Don’t forget about the most important thing.The main task of it is to solve a customer’s problem and give them information in the shortest way as it’s possible.

You’ll be pleased with the results. Good luck

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