Why you should consider wearing a wayuu bag for this summer?

If youre not a pinterest or an Instagram user you probably haven’t heard of wayuu bags (insert backlink in Wayuu Bags , both social media channels have lately been saturated with these bags and the trend will probably continue for some time.

Wayuu bags are one of the most elaborate handicrafts of the Wayuu Indigenous community of the northern tip of Colombia. They are settled in a desertic landscape with harsh climatic condictions and scarce natural resources. Wayuu Shoulderbags stand out for their bright colors and tribal woven designs, they are mostly inspired by ancestral natural and animal imagery that is endemic to the deserts of La Guajira.

Wayuu bags are versatile shoulderbags that are commonly used in summer and in the beach, they are woven in cotton threads and they are a perfect garment that suits almost any outfit. They reflect positive values towards multiculturality and they also reflect empathy towards ethnic art.

It takes almost one week for a bag to be completely woven. Women of the wayuu indigenous tribe spend their time , weaving this delicate pieces that are used as personal item carriers and tool carriers. The main commercial wayuu mochila that has been lately trending is the Sussu Wayuu Mochila.

This mochila is almost 30 cm in diameter and 4cm in height, it has a 100cm length strap and can be categorized in two different types, the plain single color wayuu bags or the multi-color plain wayuu bags. Both of them are usually woven in 2 threads and they are meticulously woven according to the artisans desires and imagery.

Reasons to wear a wayuu bag this summer

Attractive prices and discounts:

The upcoming months are some of the best to purchase handicrafted items online , big communities like etsy and independent online stores offer significant discounts on items.If youre planning to travel to a coastal location a good way to be well equipped is to acquire garments that are versatile and easy to use.

They are versatile and easy to wash and preserve

Wayuu bags and their thread is easy to preserve and wash, if youre looking for an easy to clean garment , you should definitely consider wayuu bags. They also have a generous space to fill with your personal use items

They are colorful and reflect your personality

Each wayuu bag is different not one of them is alike , they share similar designs and colors but the combinations of both of them are always different. By choosing a more colorful bag or a more sober one you can display your personality and your own personal preferences.

They are unique handicrafts that reflect cultural values

Wayuu bags are unique accessories that are commonly used by a foreign indigenous culture. By wearing them you are also spreading their own cultural values towards the way they feel and desire their community values. This makes these handicrafts unique as they have cultural added value that reflect their collective ideals.

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