Architects Are Now Using Virtual Reality to Walk Through Buildings That Don’t Exist Yet

20 years ago we would have never imagined that one day we could stand on an empty lot where there will be a building in a few years, and put on a pair of virtual reality goggles, to see what “will be” inside in the next few years. Well, 20 years have passed us up, and here we are with new technology coming out every day. One of those new technologies is virtual reality.

According to the L.A Times, the building that architects will start creating in one year, the new Orange County Museum of Art, is being viewed by virtual reality so architects can tell if they are heading in the right direction with their design so far. Who would have thought that one-day virtual reality would even be a thing for us to use?

It isn’t just architects, but designers and even the regular public can use virtual reality to see different buildings that don’t even exist yet but will in the next year or so. We already see those who game enjoying this new technology but would you have ever imagined that you would get to see something before it is made yet? All thanks to virtual reality?

Virtual reality is just one-way technology and architecture are coming together innovatively. One other way these two exciting things are coming together is by using computers and the Internet to design your next creation. Not just architects but designers are using this too, just as much as they are using virtual reality to see their ideas in the creative process come to life.

What makes virtual reality so impressive, is that it doesn’t use plain old two-dimension to show you a picture and give you an “idea” of what is going to happen during your creative process. No, good old VR does not settle for plain two dimensional aspects of a creative process. You put the goggles on, and you are standing in the building, with the ability to walk around and look around at the different “things” that will take shape soon. How sweet is that?

Now, you are probably getting excited by this idea. However, it isn’t just an “idea” but reality. Yes, designer’s, architecture’s, and the general public are now able to use VR to see the “things” around them come to life that isn’t even there yet.

For centuries now, architects have used drawings and models to get their idea out of their head and get the creative process started. How many years ago was it that architects had to draw up blueprints to get their idea of a new building out of their head and started so the builders can build it. Now, architects and designers alike can use virtual reality to get a “feel” for what they have begun to create.

In fact, it is Morphosis Architects in Culver City, California who is designing the new Orange County Museum of Art and they are the guys who get to use this new amazing technology we call virtual reality to “play with time” according to Thom Mayne, who is the founder of Morphosis and the winner of the Pritzker Prize. In fact, he had this to say about using virtual reality to see his “creation” before it has started.

“I’m playing with time. I’m walking through the building before it is built.”

Like mentioned above, the public can also register to be able to see the new Orange County Museum of Art and what it is going to be like on the inside before it has even started yet. Now, architects and designers can understand that the public doesn’t understand their design talk. However, with virtual reality at the public’s fingertips, they can now “see” what the architects are actually “talking about” when they talk design talk.

In fact, Karenza Harris said this about the; public and their use of VR to finally be able to understand what the architects and designers are talking about when they speak their design talk.

“We talk about 3-D Space all day long. We don’t understand the difficulty a layperson has in understanding 3-D Space sometimes.”

However, now they can understand. Everyone can be on the same page now with the help of this excellent technology we call virtual reality!

Another great thing about the use of virtual reality by architects is that if they see their design unfold in front of them without even starting on it yet and if they don’t like something, they can quickly change it faster than ever before!

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