YouTube Tips and Tricks for Using the Videos in Wider Ways

If you are YouTube users and you use this social media frequently, you can imagine how your life is if you could not access YouTube anymore. That might sound like a nightmare, right? Then, that also might require us to imagine how life is when we have no internet. That is such the same worse thing which can come to our mind now. That means we need to feel that blessed because we live here in this great era with a great technology as like internet and another high tech devices can be used to give us a bunch of simplicity. That is including the existence of YouTube which can help us finding a lot of useful info and knowledge that we want and need. Of course, that does not only provide the entertaining videos but also it offers the useful videos, as like the tips videos, tutorial videos, and many more. We can learn how to bake good cake from zero without paying much for a cooking class by only learning about it through YouTube. It makes us to be more independent and we are able to enjoy the self-learning of anything. Still, even though you have been using this social media, we often do not know what to do with the videos. Actually there are some ideas which we can do regarding to the YouTube video. It would not be that difficult since the YouTube tips below can be completely that helpful and interesting for you to know. Then, you will get the more ideas on using the social media to be much better then.

YouTube – Lean Back

Enjoying YouTube videos can be from any devices. You can use your PC or desktop, smartphone, tablet PC, and many others. You can even enjoy the videos of YouTube from the big screen, as like from your big TV screen. To enjoy it on the big screen, you might find some discomfort there. In order to get the better comfort, you can simply use the YouTube Lean Back feature. If you have tried enjoying YouTube from your big TV, you will find the discomfort there. Then the feature of Lean Back will be completely that helpful. That is including on searching on YouTube, you will be uncomfortable. You can also use your phone or other mobile device to control it easier without you need to get closer to the screen. That can be done by using the feature of Lean Back. You only need to visit for getting the info and feature.

YouTube – Slow Motion

There are so many ways to enjoy and use YouTube video. Perhaps you need to slow the video down and sometimes it is not that simple for doing that. Perhaps, what you have done to get it slow down is by holding down the video space bar. It is not that effective actually and really inconvenient. If you need to slow down the YouTube videos, there is such a simple way by visiting the site of YouTubeSlow.Com. That offers the controls which are more advanced for you. The process is so simple because we only need to copy and paste the video URL and then we can simply adjust to slow down, speed up, and many other controls which we can utilize easily.

Turning YouTube Videos into Gif

If you are interested in turning a video on YouTube into the Gif, it is really possible. We only need to add or put ‘gif’ before the URL or after the www. So, if the URL for video that you want to download is, then you can turn it to be That will bring you to the simple tool page for making the gif from the YouTube video. That will enable you to cut out particular video section and then exporting that. Then, you can make the interesting gif from YouTube videos only in couples of minutes.

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