Is Instagram turning into a way of life now?

We all have been constantly obsessing over social media for a very long time now. Since the very introduction of Orkut, it has become imperative of people to get them judged and approved by a hoard of people out there who do not even know each other. Is it a habit or a disease? Well, we will discuss about that later but let us now explore some of the habits and trends that people have been showing in different social media platforms.


Why do people go on different social media platforms?

The answer is simple yet very complicated. They go for approval which is received in the form of likes over Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, among many other platforms. It has become an immortal obsession of people to grow in the social media chart through a raging number of followers in their follower bank. People talk about social media and how many likes they received all the time like they are experts without being experts. It is always a talk of the town when someone gets a hit in any social media platform and people gossip over what they wore, what they ate, where have they been eating out or buying those stuff.  It has recently become a very predictable act of people to vouch over their social media profiles and showcase every bit of details of their life. Why do they do it? Again yes for approval and then to be famous and also expand an online or offline business.

People have a variety of reasons to be social media buffs. Either they are relatively very free or are on the process of creating a steadfast online image for future business purpose. Sometimes it is related to a hobby or talent that they want to show to the entire world without spending much on marketing.

One of the most famous platforms that has recently gained traction in the social media industry is Instagram. With its different features and add-on emoticons, Instagram is now ruling over the social media arena and not only informally, but formally also people are growing over Instagram for personal as well as professional expansion. Instagram has loads to offer and various concepts to follow. The features added in the story to vote, buy, and redirect to a different page and link has gained a lot of appreciation as of now. The game of Instagram as an established social media platform is relatively very strong.



Of course, having a wide friends group and a large number of acquaintances on social media helps in increasing followers and likes over Instagram, but being a great story teller and photographer means that being Insta famous will not be a much of a difficult task. Moreover, Instagram along with other social media platforms has certain marketing hacks and strategies.

#hashtag is a concept that has recently gained a lot of popularity. Seeing its popularity Instagram has also added a feature that lets you follow hashtags as well and whenever someone with that specific hashtag posts it, you get it on your home page.


Great Photography and Keep Readers Intact

Good picture quality is a must. High quality pictures always attract a good amount of followers. Writing good and original stories is also imperative. Research your audience along with the people whom you follow so that they can follow you back.

Instagram has many more tricks but for beginners, this is the heads up start hack.

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