Find Your LED Shoes at Light Ups

LED shoes are extremely popular now. These cool shoes will lighten party or your other special occasions. However, finding the perfect LED shoes can be very tricky and you can find the best ones at Light Ups.

LED Shoes: What to Know about Them

LED shoes to come with a battery that will give energy for the battery to light up an LED light strip which is placed inside the shoe’ sole. The battery used in the shoes is charged by using the LED cable that you can find inside the shoes. The cable is placed just close to the first shoelace eyelet inside the shoe. You can find the cable precisely on the right side of the left shoe and the left side of the right shoe. The lights created by the LED shoes can be controlled just by simply pressing a switch that you can find inside the shoe lining. The switch is precisely located just under the first eyelet on the shoes’ left side. one you press the button available, the lights on the LED will automatically change the colors. They can also turn from solid light mode into the flashing one. You will be able to keep changing the colors if you keep pressing the button. The lights of the shoes will change from solid into the blinking ones if you press the switch for about six or seven times. Meanwhile, if you want to turn off the light, all you need to do is pressing the switch nine times. If you press the switch for one more time, the light will come back on your shoes. To charge the battery used in the shoes, you only need to connect the wire placed in the inner part of the shoes to the cable of USB charging extension available.

Why Buying LED Shoes at Light – Ups

Light Ups is one of the great distributors that provides neon LED shoes and other LED products for the customers. The LED products provided come with various categories include LED Eyelashes, Night Huntsman Mask, Kids LED High Tops, LED Low Tops, LED Glasses, and much more. All of the products are high in quality at quite an affordable price. This is suitable for the company’s mission that tries to provide LED products with high performance but low in price that almost everyone will be able to buy. Light Ups headquartered in San Diego, California. The company has sold LED products to customers from all around the world. There will be more than 30 different products from various categories available for kids, adults, women, and men that the customers can choose. The products displayed also come with unique designs and multiple LED colors that can help the customers to upgrade their look. If you purchase LED shoes from Light-Ups, you will get USB charger and battery pack to keep the light shoes on. Moreover, there will be interesting discounts offered for the customers if they buy the company’s products. In this way, the customers will get cool products with affordable price from the company.

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