Office Design: Quick design tips to increase office productivity

Having maximum productivity at work means that you’re able to get work done in the most efficient ways while maintaining a certain level of well-being. Some of the ways in which employers and employees can maximize office productivity are by ensuring that their work environment is ideal and that individual spaces are work-friendly.

Open office designs have in the past encouraged incredible innovation. However, they are also responsible for lower levels of productivity as they encourage absenteeism, employee resentment, and disruption. Finding a balance doesn’t have to be difficult.

Below are some quick tips that can help increase office productivity:

  1. Daily Cleaning

Staying tidy plays a huge role in maximizing productivity! While a messy desk may be a sign of a busy and creative mind, it can greatly reduce your ability to complete tasks. Make a point of cleaning your desk every day. Dispose of unnecessary items and find a system that helps you stay organized. A messy working environment provides plenty of distractions and makes it difficult to solve problems. Studies have found that employees spend up to 38 hours every year looking for misplaced and lost items. Consider making a list of things you’ll need the next day before it starts. It saves you time that would otherwise be spent organizing your to-do list.

  • Let in the fresh air and natural light

Natural light plays an important role in helping employees stay active and engaged. According to research, fluorescent light causes general malaise, encourages absenteeism, and lowers overall productivity. Consider raising the blinds from the office windows. Pull back the curtains and take advantage of the free natural light. Replace outdated HVAC systems as they contribute to absenteeism and sickness. The air that is recycled through these systems can heighten the spread of diseases.

  • Personalize your working space

Having items that you can connect with emotionally can greatly improve your office experience. However, all forms of personalization should be moderated. This prevents you from having too much clutter. Experts recommend limiting yourself to personal items that are useful and meaningful. Consider bringing in a plant or framed photos of your family to give yourself a productivity boost. These help to keep you motivated throughout the day.

  • Minimize the noise

A noisy office environment can affect people’s concentration. According to research, a chaotic room filled with ringing phones and background noise can lower productivity by up to 66%. This makes it difficult for employees to perform tasks and meet deadlines. It also causes mental fatigue. To mitigate this, consider installing sound-absorbing tiles on the ceilings, placing noise machines strategically, and giving employees private cubicles. Where there’s a lot of traffic, rearrange the furniture or place all your Fast Office Furniture Melbourne to ensure that no one stays too close to high-traffic areas.

  • Take a break from your gadgets

Tablets and smartphones provide great tools that help employees stay organized and perform tasks efficiently. Unfortunately, these gadgets provide more opportunities to get distracted than anything else at the office. This results in a lot of wasted time. Studies have shown that the average employee spends as much as 5 hours a week doing things unrelated to work on their mobile devices. To avoid lowering your productivity and getting distracted, find a dedicated corner or place for your gadgets. This could be inside a clean drawer or somewhere else that’s out of sight. Leave them there until you’re done with your tasks. This prevents you from getting sidelined by streams of notifications from social media and other apps.

  • Provide on-site services as an employer

Employees are sometimes forced by unforeseen circumstances to leave work before they’re done taking care of their responsibilities. On-site services such as childcare ensure that workers are not forced to take sudden leaves. They also provide extra time to finish tasks as workers are not worried about the daycare closing before they are done. For older employees, having an on-site clinic helps to prevent absenteeism arising from clinical checkups. Free meals are also another option if you’d like your employees to stick around throughout the day. Find healthy options that workers can enjoy while at work.

  • Automate and update technology

The face of business has greatly changed in the last few years thanks to technology. Automated systems allow workers to carry out tasks fast and efficiently. Having the right technology saves costs. However, it might not be so beneficial if employees spend time handling glitches instead of doing their jobs. It’s important that all office equipment stays up to date and runs effectively. The more automated systems are the better. Consider installing the latest technology in all rooms. Let it require as little attention as possible. This ensures that there’s no time wastage trying to figure things out.

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