Technology Rentals can Allow Businesses to Get over the Coronavirus Slump

Due to the coronavirus (covid-19) global pandemic, businesses all over the world have been taking preventative steps to slow the spread of the virus between people. 

Covid-19 is regarded as one of the most virulent viruses in the world which is far more contagious than any other virus known. Due to its virulent nature business managers and decision-makers have asked workers to work from home if they can. 

Due to the recommendation of self-isolation, it’s been nearly impossible to have face to face meetings with clients and suppliers. Instead of resigning to working from home and communicating over email, many office workers have turned to technology to help them communicate and stay in contact with co-workers.

Devices like the iPad can allow you to set up virtual conferences with key contacts in industry. Services like GoToMeeting for iPad will allow you to have a virtual conference with peers, each person being visible to everyone else. While not having complete face to face meeting, a video session can be just as productive. What’s more video conference via iPad can allow the speaker to switch views from their face to their desktop so other users can view presentations on the desktop.

Additionally, during these tough economic times, when businesses are going to struggle with their cash flow. There is no need to actually buy these expensive tablet to meet a short term need. There are rental services like uBookRental which provide short term rental of iPads at low cost. It’s definitely an innovative idea to supply technology on rental, but tough economic times necessitate these business ideas.

It’s difficult to say whether video conferencing will complete replace face to face conferences after the pandemic is over. Perhaps after businesses implement these methods for a while they may appreciate the cost saving advantage and convenience of iPad rental and video conference. Businesses can do away with the hotel cost, expensive conference entry fees and the productivity loss of having workers travelling around to events and back to work.

It may be the case the covid-19 will open our eyes to the health risk of a fast paced, mobile world and businesses will take steps to limit travel by workers and pave the way for a new way of doing business.

For businesses who are requesting workers work from home, they may need to supply them with laptops and other computer equipment. IT rental can be a quick and effective solution to quickly roll out IT at a short notice for short periods of time. There’s no need for lengthy procurement processes or configuration and maintenance. Often rental companies can pre-configure devices for their clients.

The obstacle for many businesses to use rental IT equipment which may have been used previously is whether the equipment is sanitary and not put workers at risk of viral and bacterial infections. That would be a case for the rental companies to make and put their client’s minds at ease. Are they ISO certified and carry out extensive cleaning and refurbishing to keep the equipment in mint condition. 

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