9 Office Desk Essentials for a Cozy and Productive Workspace

In a standard eight-hour workday, the average worker is only productive for about three of those hours. That’s right, less than half of the workday is spent doing tasks that help to move the needle forward.

Does this resonate with you? Do you want to get more done during the day?

If you’re having a hard time feeling productive at work, start by examining your desk and the area surrounding it.

The state of your workspace really does have an impact on how productive and happy you are at your job. Read on to learn about nine office desk essentials you should have on hand to feel and perform your best each day.

1. Adjustable Standing Desk

Sitting for eight hours or more every day is a recipe for disaster.

Sitting for extended periods of time comes with a lot of potential health problems. You’re more prone to chronic headaches and back and neck pain, for example. Excessive sitting is also associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

To shake up your day, boost your health, and improve your productivity by getting some blood flowing, try switching to a standing desk. If you don’t have the option of lugging a brand-new desk into your office, invest in an adjustable one that sits on top of your regular desk.

You don’t have to use this all day, but standing for a few hours will help you burn more calories and be more active while still getting all your work done on time.

2. Posture Corrector

Are you sitting at your desk right now while reading this article? If so, what’s your posture like? Chances are you’re slouching over the keyboard or leaning so far back in your chair that you’re in a great position to take a quick nap.

Neither of these postures is great for your spine health or your productivity.

If you need help remembering to sit up straight throughout the day, consider investing in a posture corrector. This will help to remind you how it feels to sit with good posture, and it can help you to feel more energized and productive.

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones come in very handy on days when you need to put your head down and get things done without getting distracted by your yammering co-workers. Keep a pair at your desk and put them on to block out the noise around you and bust out some work. 

4. Multi-Window Attachment

Sometimes, when you’re working on a big project, it helps to be able to see several screens at once.

A multi-window attachment hooks on to the sides of your computer screen and gives you more room to do your work.

These attachments are quite affordable and save you from having to waste time clicking back forth to different tabs.

5. Fidget Cube

If you have a hard time sitting still and focusing during meetings, a fidget cube might become your new best friend.

These little tools are very discreet, but they still allow you to, well, fidget and get some energy out throughout the day. Keep one at your desk and slip it in your pocket before you head into the conference room.

6. Reusable Water Bottle

Man (or woman) cannot live by coffee alone. If you want to stay productive and feel your best at work, you need to make sure you’re drinking enough water.

An easy way to do this is to keep a reusable water bottle at your desk and aim to finish it by the end of the day.

7. Air Purifying Plants

Having a potted plant or two on your desk can help to purify the air in your office and allow you to breathe more easily. It also makes your space look a lot nicer when there are some signs of life in the office.

Look for plants like spider plants that are known to have air purifying properties. Avoid any flowers that have a strong scent. These might trigger allergies or headaches for you or your co-workers.

8. Desk Organizer

Is your desk a cluttered mess right now? Before you invest in any new gadgets, take a few minutes to do some decluttering.

Clear everything off your desk and decide what needs to stay and what can go. Then, invest in a good desk organizer to help you keep things neat and tidy and make it easier for you to find what you need.

In addition to helping you stay organized; a new desk organizer can also brighten up your workspace and make it a bit more cheerful. It’s a win-win!

9. Note Pads and Pens

Do you ever find yourself scrambling for a pen and paper to write things down during the day?

Lots of people take notes exclusively on their phone or computer, but there’s something to be said for using a good old-fashioned yellow legal pad and pen to take notes.

The physical act of writing things down can make it easier for you to commit them to memory. Spending more time writing with a pen and paper also minimizes the amount of time you spend staring at your screen (something from which most of us can benefit).

Make sure you keep at least one note pad and a few good pens at your desk at all times. It also never hurts to be prepared for the times when your boss starts asking who has a pen.

Get These Office Desk Essentials Today

If you’ve been feeling less productive than you’d like, it may be time to take a look at your workspace. Is it conducive to a productive workday, or is it full of clutter or devoid of the tools you need to do your job well?

If it’s time for a desk makeover, start by picking up these nine office desk essentials. Having easy access to these tools will make it much easier for you to stay on task and also stay comfortable while you work.

Are you looking for more tips to perform your best at work each day?

If so, be sure to check out the Lifestyle section of our site today. It’s full of tips and tricks that will help you to put your best foot forward and increase your productivity.

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