How to Buy a Table Saw Under $500

Without a doubt, wood is one of the most prominently used building materials. Therefore, for people who serve in the construction industry, getting the best table saw for their woodworking endeavors cannot be overemphasized. Among the plethora of options available on the marketplace, the budget is one of the top factors to consider before making a buying decision. Thus if this looks like what you want and would like to get a table saw for under $500, try best tool reviews. Whether as a beginner woodworker or one with vast experience in the industry, convenience is a requisite consideration as far as woodworking is concerned. This implies that if you do not want to break the bank, getting a table saw under $500 is what you should consider. 

Buying a table saw under $500

You have a lot of advantages with a table saw. On average, a table saw offers more than being a tool that you can just keep around your garage. In actuality, a table saw is a necessity for any type of woodwork project you have. You can do so many things with a table saw and if you are a woodworker on a budget, there are many options for you under $500. 

A table saw offers efficiency with woodworking and you can get one for as low as $500. With this price, the quality and performance aren’t compromised. You might want to check them out and see how users rate them on Amazon. Some of these powerful but inexpensive tools are DEWALT DWE7480XA, Milwaukee 2736-20, Bosch GTS1031, SKIL 3410-02 and WEN 3720. Having agreed that the table saw is a powerful tool that you should depend on in your workshop; it becomes extremely important that you get familiar with some of its features. To do this, keep the following features in mind:

  • The fence

The fence is a part of the table saw which the wood passes through and is arguably the most important feature. The reason is that it ensures that your cut is precise and accurate. While the quality of the saw defines the price, the fences of the amazing table saws in the market are durable and of top quality. Just keep your eye on the blade and make sure it is parallel.

  • Right or left tilt

It is easy to adjust the tilt of the blade of the table saws, especially the newest designs. Before now, there used to be many table saws with blades that tilted to the right. To get the types that could tilt in both directions, you would have to opt for the expensive options. But these days, all table saws or nearly all of them are designed to be able to tilt right or left. Getting one that can tilt to the two directions can be rare anyway but the side of the tilt depends on which one you prefer as the user. Choose a tool based on the side you think is better for you.

  • The miter gauge

The miter gauge is designed to fit into either of the two slots placed in the table saw. Otherwise called miter slots, the miter gauge serves the purpose of guiding your working material in the process of feeding it through the saw and blade. These days, most contractor table saws feature miter gauges but if you want the best, purchase a separate one. 

  • Motor Size

As of today, many table saws boast of a 1.5 or 2HP motor. Compared with cabinet table saws which feature between 3-5 HP motors, a table saw with 1.5-2 HP motor is powerful enough for a variety of applications. 

  • The blade

Many table saws have a 10-inch blade but some of the most expensive options have blades that can be up to 12 inches. The two will serve the same purpose for the majority of construction works. Additionally, the finish and quality of the blade are of equal importance. The blade designs are such that you can get the best cut and they are designed to carry out different tasks.


Candidly, we all were beginners at some point. And the hardest part in anything is starting. Once you know how to start, making the best decision in terms of purchasing the best beginner table saw is next. And given that it is not easy to find the best tool for the money, we hope you are able to find the perfect guide with this article. Having these things at the back of your mind, to choose the best table saw under $500, remember that there are many types of table saws; job sites or stationary. Therefore, you really want to pay huge attention to the fencing system, rip capacity, bevel angle range, constant speed control, Dado capacity, and dust collection system, among others. 

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