Watch Canal Plus From Home Or Away

What are your favourite French TV shows? There are so many to choose from as some of the best TV channels also broadcast from within the borders of France. Popular TV channels like France 1 through to 5, W9 and M6 all show some great content everyday of the week but one of the most sought after channels of them all is Canal Plus.

Home to some iconic French shows, Canal Plus is high on demand across the globe but only residents of France and Luxembourg have the right to watch it. So what are the reasons behind why can’t you see Canal Plus from abroad (voir canal+ de l’étranger)?

Why Am I Not Allowed To Watch Canal Plus Whenever I want?

Just like the rules and regulations in many different countries, copyright laws hold tight strings to makesure that the creators’ best interests are kept in mind. These laws cover all aspects of the broadcasting TV shows, the merchandise and the actors involved with any said show. Often it’s purely this tight belted legislation that keeps French TV on French soil.

However, another influencing factor is third party advertisements. Local businesses and service providers pay to have their businesses shown in front of the French viewers with a vusion to increase their brand awareness across the local area. However, they do not require advertisements from that channel to be shown anywhere else in the world. The associated royalties and fees attached to the advertising campaigns are also kept local for a reason, making it hard for outside viewers to see some of their favourite French shows.

How To Watch Canal Plus Abroad?

Moving away from the regulations put in place by various parties involved with Canal Plus, there is a way of being able to watch Canal Plus abroad (regarder canalplus à l’étranger). The only way it’s really possible is by using a VPN. A Virtual Private Network has the ability to allow you access to watch French TV, including Canal Plus, from anywhere in the world.

This can be done in just easy steps.

Find A VPN Provider & Install

Not all VPN providers will have the services available to give you access to French TV services. You need to locate a VPN provider which has servers based in France. It is these servers that contact will be made with in order to watch the shows you want. Without the right servers attached to your service you will only be faced with error messages instead of what you’re after. Install the VPN using the appropriate method supplied by the provider onto the device you want to watch French TV on.

Activate & Go

Once successfully installed on to your chosen device, you will be prompted to choose a server to connect to. Select a server which is located in France to gain the ability to unblock transmissions so you can watch Canal channels at your own free will.

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